How Do You Know If your New Perfume Is Authentic?

How Do You Know If your New Perfume Is Authentic?

Wearing perfume has been adorned by people over the years. Fragrances can be found in different products such as scented candles, bath soap and body products such as perfume. People wear perfume due to a variety of reasons. 

In fact, some people feel naked without at least a little spritz of it. The reasons may include invoking certain memories, a feeling of escape and our ability to show individuality but ultimately, it boils down to the fact that wearing a fragrance can make someone happy. 

Wearing perfume can boost a person’s confidence. When you wear your favourite scent, you feel good about yourself and it shows on the outside.

Also, perfume is like makeup – it makes you feel complete. Perfume is all about how it makes you feel. This is the main reason why people are investing in a good, authentic fragrance. 


Why choose an authentic perfume?

Why choose an authentic perfume?

There are many perfumes out in the market today. Some are cheap, some are not. There is no absolute way to recognize an expensive perfume from a cheap one but generally, cheap perfumes tend to smell sweeter. 

This is because ingredients used for sweet-smelling perfume are cheaper plus they are usually marketed for younger people. Younger people generally have less money. Also, authentic perfumes have a lovely fragrance that you can’t find in any other brands. 

Authentic fragrances also last longer. You don’t need to use more perfume in a day. Spraying once or twice a day is enough for the fragrance to last the whole day.

So, because there are a lot of perfumes today, how do you know if your new perfume is authentic? Are there signs you need to know?

Here are ways on how you can check the authenticity of a perfume:

1. Check the wrapping

Authentic perfumes have cellophane tightly wrapped around its box. If the perfume is poorly wrapped, it is a telltale sign that it’s not original. A loose or discoloured wrapping should be enough for you to lose interest in the product and keep moving. 


2. Check the box closely

Inspect the box for any signs of unprofessional packaging and design. A good example is packaging with no grammatical errors.

Authentic perfume should have grammatically correct packaging. Pay extra attention to holograms or barcodes since these are hard to imitate. Any slight variation can mean that the product is a counterfeit. 


3. Check the serial numbers

Authentic perfumes have independent serial numbers which are used to verify its authenticity. Consult with the perfume bottle supplier or the perfume manufacturer to see if the number will match their production numbering. 

The serial numbers should also be imprinted on the bottom of the bottle. Aside from that, check if the serial numbers found on the bottle matches with the serial numbers found on its box. 


4. Feel the bottle

Feel the bottle

Authentic perfumes have smooth bottle containers opposite to imitation perfumes which can be a bit rough to touch.

The bottle should be made of high-quality materials with a smooth surface. Authentic perfumes also have tight-fitting caps which ensure a spill-proof bottle. 


5. Check its colour

Authentic brands don’t use a lot of dye for their products. This is the reason why authentic perfume is usually pale. A deep-coloured perfume is a sign of a fake perfume.

The consistency is also another characteristic of a genuine perfume that is hard to imitate. Fake perfumes normally are more watery than authentic ones. 


6. Test it out

The best way to determine if the perfume you bought is authentic or fake is to try them on. Their smell may be alike however, authentic perfumes should last longer than the fake ones.

Authentic perfumes will have their fragrance retained in their bottles for as long as 18 months. However, fake perfumes can only last in a couple of weeks. 


7. Get to know the seller

With the development of technology, most of us can now go shopping online instead of going personally to the physical store. It is easier and more convenient to browse around for products online. When you shop for perfumes online, make sure to purchase only on the reputable online stores.

Avoid online sellers with no customer reviews or testimonial pages. More likely, they have something to hide that is why they don’t provide customer reviews. 


8. Be wary of the price

Of course, authentic perfumes are more expensive. If you see your favourite perfume sold online at a shockingly low price, then more often than not, it isn’t authentic. Remember, authentic perfumes are made of high-quality ingredients to give your sense of smell great satisfaction.

Thus, the expensive price. However, if the perfume is sold for almost half the price, then you should know that the quality of the perfume isn’t good enough. 


Bottom line

To ensure authenticity, buy perfumes from department stores and boutiques.

Purchasing fake perfumes will not give you satisfaction as well as an assurance with the longevity of the fragrance and the ingredients being used. Most fake perfumes are made of low-quality ingredients which may cause allergic reactions. 

To ensure authenticity, buy perfumes from department stores and boutiques. Official retailers of certain fragrance brands provide quality customer service and can provide testers for trial.

Fake perfumes don’t have clear policies on return or exchange policy. Indeed, an authentic perfume can be recognized easily – from its bottle cap down to its scent. 


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