Work From Home Jobs For Women

Work From Home Jobs For Women

Achieving work-life balance has become a goal in modern society and is putting additional pressure on women. That is why they often choose to switch their offices and long commute times for comfort of the work from home jobs. More time for ourselves, for family and rest – isn’t that what we all strive towards? Freelance jobs are growing in diversity and pay-out as you read this. Work from home jobs are the jobs of the future that is for certain.

1. Is Web Development or Website Testing your thing?

Your coding and designing skills need to be excellent but you could earn more than average US salary as a freelance web developer. The more experience you get coding, the more you can ask for your services later.

Additionally, if you have a skill in graphic design you can create logos or ads as a freelancer. Moreover, many companies rely on website tester to make certain their website work properly, without glitches.

Your job would be to follow directions for testing given by the company and check specific website features. This simple task doesn’t pay much but it doesn’t take too much time either. 


2. Have you thought of selling your handmade crafts?

You can make pottery, jewellery, toys, knitwear, home décor and furniture or anything that your heart desires. This is also a good option for work at home moms.

You can start by making an account on Etsy. Then, you just need to make and sell your lovely crafts all over the world.


3. Do you have a mermaid’s voice?

Excellent diction and voice that can’t be forgotten can launch your voice acting career straight from your living room.
Work From Home Jobs For Women: Become a Voice Over Artist

Excellent diction and voice that can’t be forgotten can launch your voice acting career straight from your living room.

Who knows, maybe you will become popular within the ever-expanding gaming community as the voice of the warrior queen. Or maybe you will work voice-overs for corporate videos and lectures. Your choice, Ariel.


4. Become a freelance 3D animator

Becoming a 3D animator means you have the special skillset (and software) to give the imaginary world more depth and texture.

You can work at home as a freelance animator on sites like Upwork. Therefore, the art of image manipulation is perfect for artistic and creative tech ladies who prefer a work from home job.


5. Content Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

Content Writing, Editing, and Proofreading
Work From Home Jobs For Women: Become a Content Writer, Editor, and Proofreader

Businesses of all sizes and types need content writers for blog posts, website copies or eBooks.

Whether you’re writing packing manuals for a moving company like Ample Moving NJ or recipes for a cooking blog, you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can find jobs that suit you on Fiverr or Upwork platforms.


6. You love styling pets and pets love you?

Little furry divas waiting in line to sit and bark in your salon downstairs – isn’t that a dream come true of every hairstylist and animal lover?

If you’re patient enough, have a biscuit for your furry clients and an always-ready smile, grooming and styling pets is a perfect job for you!


7. Stop sharing advice for free

Consulting is becoming more of a job for experts and less for consulting companies. Businesses are trying to downsize their budgets and get the same service for much less money.

Good for you and good for them! Whatever your area of expertise you can find people in need of your advice on Catalant, for example.


8. Are you a talented chef? Spread the love!

If you love to cook and bake and you have a knack for entrepreneurship, turn your talent into business!
Work From Home Jobs For Women: Become a Chef

If you love to cook and bake and you have a knack for entrepreneurship, turn your talent into business! Start a catering enterprise and make money in your kitchen.

You can sell your healthy delicacies to your friends or neighbours and stay fit while you work. If you need to sample those gluten-free cookies, that is.


9. Multitasking, problem-solving Customer Service Agents

There are many start-up companies and established brands in need of a good customer support representative.

If you possess excellent communication and people skills and an internet connection, you can advertise yourself to reputable companies on LinkedIn. You only need to invest in a headset.


10. Have you thought of becoming a YouTuber?

Open a channel on YouTube and start filming your instructions. You might get surprised at how many people love watching instructional and DIY videos.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and prefer to work from home, you can become an online stylist. Note that you can make a dollar or two for every 1,000 views if you enrol in YouTube’s partner program. The more views you get, the more cash you’ll earn.


11. Cash in on your grant writing skill

Not only NGOs and CSOs (Non-profit and Civil Society Organizations) but also educational and medical institutions often need to apply for grants.

Hence, if you have knowledge and experience in writing applications for grants, this work from home job pays well.


12. Do you like teaching or tutoring? You can do it online.

If you know how to do something or speak a language and have a knack for instructing others there is a work from home job for you. Consider teaching people via Skype through Connections Academy, for example.

Also, you don’t have to teach online, you can do it in person if you like. However, you will reach out to more students through the internet.


13. Freelance photographer

Work From Home Jobs For Women: Become a Freelance Photographer
Work From Home Jobs For Women: Become a Freelance Photographer

If you have an eye for detail and love to take photos, you can earn by selling those images through Shutterstock or other websites.

There are professional content writers in constant need of photos to complement their texts and are ready to pay for good quality pixels.

You can take photos of food, your garden, interior design, you name it. If you prove to be rather good, you can create photos on demand for bigger companies.


14. Fluent in a few languages? Become a Translator

If you are fluent in another language you can earn a living translating and/or editing documents, conference papers or books.

Also, the more languages you speak the better! You can offer your translation services on Fiverr or Upwork.

You can even choose which area you’re the most comfortable with. Maybe you excel in translating legal, medical or technical texts. You can also consider translating movie subtitles or YouTube video captions for bloggers who wish to reach new audiences. 

Whatever you choose, the world of freelancing is within your grasp.


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