Nude Lipstick Shades with Smoky Eye Makeup

Nude Lipstick Shades with Smoky Eye Makeup

What makes the makeup complete?

For some, it may be lipstick and for some, it may be a perfect eye shadow color.

Ask the perfect makeup artist and they would suggest you the right choice.

For a complete and astonishing makeup look, the right lipstick colour and eye shadow play an essential role.

Although we follow the trend, there are few makeup aspects which remain evergreen.

Nude Lipstick Shades with Smoky Eye Makeup

Nude lipstick color is one such makeup essential that never goes off-trend and combines well with every occasion. 

The combination of smokey eyes and a nude lip brings magic and expresses your bold personality.

Whether it is the wedding, formal events, daily office chores or just a cocktail party, Colorbar Cosmetics would provide you with the picture-perfect makeup finish.

The only thing you need to do is choose the right nude lipstick color as per your color complexion.

Though it may sound easy, it is quite difficult to choose the perfect one as per one’s color tone. 


A Few Nude Lipstick Shades You Should Know

1. For medium skin tone with yellow undertones

The best color which goes well with medium color complexion perfectly is a golden-beige color which somewhat looks like caramel.

If you have olive skin with a yellow undertone, you can prefer this.

However, it is suggested to look for a bit darker shade which perfectly contrasts with your makeup finish.

Check out the eight exclusive shades of Colorbar nude it lipstick shade, especially the drape one. 


2. Wheatish complexion with pink undertones

Nude Lipstick Shades with Smoky Eye Makeup

If you prefer a wheatish makeup finish for the beach party with the sensual smokey eyes, then you should surely try the exposed shade of Colorbar nude it lipstick.

Generally, with the pink undertones, the color options are many.

You can either prefer darker tones or pink-tinted shades.

Choose such shade that perfectly separates your skin tone from the lips.

However, if you are confused, just stick to the ‘expose’ shade. 


3. Long-lasting lipstick color

Are you looking for that long-lasting shade?

Lip Colors like sand beige and bustier can be a better option.

Firstly, you need to trace the lip shape with a liner and then fill the inner with the liquid matte lipstick. 

Approaching a makeup artist for every event can be a bit costly.

The right tutorial is very important if you want to do DIY smokey eyes in the comfort zone of your house.

Well, it is not too difficult. Smokey eyes, being the versatile makeup look, goes well only when you wear it with the best nude shade.

To create that dramatic look, the lip color should not be too dark.

Light, pale and nude lip color will make your makeup complete and excellent. 


Make your smokey eyes look astonishing with these lip shades


1. Nude and glossy lips

Nude Lipstick Shades with Smoky Eye Makeup

Do you want to provide a fresh and beautifying touch to your makeup?

If you are done with the astonishing smoky finish, complete your makeup look while just adding a stroke of clear gloss on the bare lips.

If you use different colors to provide a smokey touch, a clear gloss would not compete in color with your eyes. 


2. Pale Pink

To create a perfect balance of smokey eyes and other areas of your face, pale pink would add a sweet touch to it. If a greyish touch is added, the pale pink color would combine well with it. 


3. Flesh lip shade

When you use flesh lip tone with the dramatic shadow eyes, the lip color blends with the face and the overall attraction is towards the eyes.

This is the reason why using flesh lip shade makes the eyes appear more dramatic.

Either choose the nude shade similar to your skin tone or just pat a little foundation upon the lips and cover it up with the matte lip balm to prevent it from drying and developing cracks. 


4. Pale peach

If you have a warm skin tone, get a gorgeous smokey makeup while combining it with pale peach lip shade.

Peach color might not go well with the wheatish or dark complexion as it may create a highlighting look.


5. Medium pink color

A blonde woman wearing white t-shirt is smiling as she wears makeup.

If you love pink, pair your smokey eye makeup with the medium pink color.

If you don’t want to add an overpowering impact, choose that pink shade which is darker than the two shades of your natural pink color. 



A complete guide for having a perfect smokey makeup

Eye makeup is versatile and can be changed as per the outfit.

Eye makeup not only reveals your mood but intensifies your overall personality as well.

Although contouring and highlighting have become a mandatory makeup finish, are you doing it the right way? Does your overall makeup finish blends altogether?

Here are the few tips you should check out.


1. Apply a primer

Prepare your skin with the toner, cleanser, and moisturiser.

After this, add a primer and blend it with a beauty blender to brighten up the tired skin while making the fine lines smooth.

Don’t forget the areas around the eyes.

Apply the primer on the eyelids and hydrating eye cream so that the makeup lasts longer. 


2. Time for smokey eye makeup

Take a Colorbar Smokey Eyeshadow Palette and apply the lighter beige at the inner corners, higher corner and the eyebrow arch.

Apply chocolate brown and blend it further with the dark brown shade.

Along the crease line and outer corners, add a strip of black color.

Finally, blend it entirely to create a diffused look.

Make sure there are no sharp edges. 


3. Frame up your eyes

Give the final touch to your eye makeup while adding a liquid eyeliner.

Add mascara to the lashes to create perfectly dramatic and bold smokey eyes. 


4. Finish your makeup with the nude lipstick

A woman applying some makeup.

Once you are done with the complete makeup blend, add a glamorous touch with Colorbar nude lipstick.

Pick the right color matching with your attire and the makeup look.


The eye shadow palette and kajal of Colorbar and the perfect shades of nude it lipstick would make highlight your beauty statement.

Astonish everyone with the impactful makeup while just investing in the lipstick.

These are the ultimate beauty components that make you ready for almost all occasions.

Go through the buying guide if you are not sure which nude shade is perfect for your complexion.

Get the pretty selfie pout with the perfect shade.

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