Top 11 Blogs for Women

Top 11 Blogs for Women

Blogs are the most popular sources of information nowadays. Whatever piece of advice you need, you will find it online. Ladies strive to be strong, modern and independent and we are here to support them. They have the power to do whatever they want and quite often the slightest incentive is all they need. We have made a list of top 11 blogs for women that provide an abundance of such incentives in the form of tips and hacks.


1. The Mom Edit

Top 11 Blogs for Women

The Mom Edit is a very popular website for moms looking for advice in various fields. The blog has been around for five years now, and it has the ever-growing number of visitors and followers.

The Mom Edit is primarily made for women who are moms, but of course, it has a much wider base of followers due to its popularity.

The subjects are divided into several categories covering lifestyle, beauty, home and travel section. 

Just like many other blogs primarily designed for women, this one tackles the issue of female health and raises awareness of breast cancer as well.

The blog also promotes sustainability through its sustainable shop that offers many clothing items and suggests how you can combine them for the best results. You can also find many products’ reviews here.


2. The Corporette

Top 11 Blogs for Women

The Corporette, just like its name suggests, is one of the blogs for women in the corporate world.

It primarily focuses on fashion for businesswomen, but there are many other subjects to choose from too.

The Corporette is celebrating their twelfth birthday this year and their founder Kat Griffin knows how to keep her audience satisfied by offering various topics to her audience.

They range from career advice to workwear and lifestyle tips. The blog can help you learn how to dress for success which is one of the hacks to help businesswomen rise up.

If you are one of those overachieving chicks (which is the subtitle of The Corporette blog) subscribe and enjoy!

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3. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a celebrity that has her own blog many women follow. Yes, Oprah is one of them too.

She described Mary as the thought leader of the next generation.

If you are one of those who value what Oprah has to say, then you should definitely subscribe to Mary’s blog.

Her slogan is: You don’t have to get it perfect. You just have to get it going.

Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. She takes pride in having created a blog that touches millions.

If that is the push that you need to get your career or any other field of your life going – go for it!


4. Workout Mommy

Top 11 Blogs for Women

This blog was established thirteen years ago by Lisa, a “badass single mom” who wanted to share her fitness secrets with other ladies.

So, the blog focuses on health and fitness and their importance in the lives of women who became moms.

This mom of four knows that such a role requires us to be present and focused on some other human being every single minute of the day and she likes to help her readers find time for exercise.

Caption: Moms should never give up on their health and fitness

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The great thing about this blog is that it provides some practical pieces of advice from a certified personal trainer with ISSA.

Lisa is selfless when it comes to the ideas on how to fit in exercise and health in your busy day.

She likes to add that after all, a fit mommy is a happy mommy!

Nothing is easy when you are a single mom, but those amazing females have the energy to show the world that they are capable of everything.

They can be successful businesswomen, great moms, best friends and still look awesome. They can even build wealth as single moms!


5. Cherish365

Cherish365 is a blog founded in 2008 by Jennifer Borget, a former journalist.

Back in the day, the main debate was about motherhood and the name of the blog was Baby Making Machine.

Since then, it has evolved into an inspirational blog that teaches us to cherish every day that we have.

That is why the author decided to change the blog’s name into a name that would be a better representation of its contents – Cherish 365.

As a passionate photographer, Jennifer likes to include top quality photos in her stories which have already got her some awards.

By the way, the blog also won the award in 2018 as the Mom Blog of the Year.


6. The Everygirl

Top 11 Blogs for Women

The Everygirl is basically made for every girl to read, just like the blog’s name suggests.

The author convinces us that the blog will give us the answers to all the dilemmas we have. For example, if you are looking for a new city to move to, they have their picks.

Similarly, will have their way of making your relocation to a city of your dreams a piece of cake.

Should you start learning a new skill or a foreign language – they will tell you how to do it as effortlessly as possible.

The blog is made with the idea that every girl actually knows what she wants, she just needs a little bit of guidance and inspiration.

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7. Daily Dose of Luxury

A stylish young woman wearing make up and posing for a photoshoot wearing expensive jewellery

Daily Dose of Luxury is a blog created just a few years ago, but thanks to its many followers, it has been ranked as one of the top blogs for women.

This particular blog is aimed at women who are in their twenties or thirties and who are trying to build their self-confidence through personal brand building.

This is a lifestyle blog that comprises many subjects such as fashion, food, events, and luxury aesthetics.


8. Sixty and Me

An old woman wrting something on her notepad.

Unlike the previous blogs that mainly focus on millennials and women in their thirties, forties, and fifties, this one is aimed at the more mature ladies.

Here are some of the topics Sixty and Me blog focuses on:

  • health – health issues are viewed from a different angle since our bodies do not face the same health problems when they are aged twenty and when they are over sixty;
  • travel – the blog researches the destinations that are interesting to seniors and quite often they do not have the same interest as younger ladies;
  • money – a common topic for every age group;
  • lifestyle – circumstances change over time, and so does our lifestyle;
  • dating – yes, dating is not just for young people. Of course, that statement is yesterday’s news, but a lot of us tend to forget that there are many seniors out there hoping to find a soulmate after the most productive part of their life is done. Everybody deserves to be happy and enjoy love – that is the main message that Sixty and Me is trying to convey;
  • beauty – not only young men and women are beautiful. But, what the years take from our freshness and stamina, we often get back in shape of wisdom and knowledge. However, the ladies should never give up on their skin, hair, and nails, if caring for those makes them happy. 

Caption: Not only young people are beautiful

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9. The Blonde Abroad

Woman travelling in Budapest on a bridge

If you are a fan of travel blogs, you should definitely check this one out.

The Blonde Abroad will help you learn a lot about solo travelling and everything you can expect from it.

The blog’s founder is Kiki and she has travelled more than seventy countries since she first started writing in 2012.

Her style is getting better and better as she is becoming more experienced.

Also, now she has a wide range of practical advice that she can offer to her readers and followers.

Speaking of followers, this blog has more than a million subscribers which probably tells something about its quality.


10. The Lala

This blog is run by two amazing females – two best friends who have experience in almost everything.

Other than lifestyle and travel tips, you will find:

  • academic life advice – life at college should be an amazing and unforgettable experience for a young woman and these two are showing us how;
  • tech and innovation in that field – since both bloggers have significant experience in this field as well as in digital marketing, it’s no wonder that they are sharing it with their followers;
  • feminism – this is also one of the important topics for Katherine Crowley and Molly Longest. We need to be valued for what we are worth – and that is a lot!


11. A cup of Jo

Blogs for Women

A cup of Jo is a website that has been live since 2007.

Joanna Goddard created it to share her knowledge of fashion, beauty, and trends.

However, those are not the only subjects you will find on her pages.

She also writes about food, travel, and relationships.

The blog has many acknowledgements such as Forbes listing it as one of the Top 10 Lifestyle Websites for Women. A cup of Jo even got the title of the Top Influencer on Parenting!



Blogging can be one of the ways to make most of your maternity leave too!

If you have got the gift of the gab – you should go for it.

If not, you can always visit these blogs for women made by amazing human beings who will make your lives easier, prettier, and more cheerful.

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