Money Matters

Money Matters

One must try to save money for a rainy day.

Take this quiz to find out if you need to tighten your purse strings or loosen them from time to time. 


1. After the salary comes, you’ll find me…

A. In a mall, of course. It’s shopping time!
B. Prioritising the payments. The remaining can be spent on shopping.
C. Saving some and spending some.
D. Feeling guilty splurging on myself.


Money Matters


2. When the increment comes in…

A. I am definitely going on a shopping spree.
B. “I should save more,” I tell myself.
C. Save up most of it while using some to treat me.
D. Savings will go up…yay!


3. What is your spending pattern?

A. Sometimes, I don’t remember what I spent on.
B. I keep track of my spending, but I still shop.
C. I allocate the money to different expenditures and savings.
D. Investments and deposits… that’s what I do.


Money Matters


4. What is your shopping pattern?

A. I’ll answer this after I return from today’s shopping outcome.
B. Are there any on-going sales? I keep track of those to shop.
C. I shop only when my family or I need something.
D. Do I have to? I prefer to send someone to do it instead.


5. Your thoughts on credit cards?

Money Matters

A. God’s gift to me.
B. They are a blessing in disguise when I am low on cash.
C. They’re okay, but the swiping fee is a pain.
D. Not for me. I prefer using cash or a debit card.


6. A vacation is to…

Money Matters

A. Pamper me.
B. Combine business and pleasure, so I save a little.
C. Keep the cost low, but have fun too.
D. Save a lot; the quality can be compromised.


7. When dining out with friends…

Money Matters

A. I pick up the tab.
B. We take turns paying the bill.
C. Going dutch is the best way.
D. I pay for my own meal. There’s no tip if there’s a service charge.


8. How much do you save every month?

A woman holding a piggy bank upside down.

A. Umm…nothing!
B. 0-5 per cent
C. 5-10 per cent
D. 15 per cent+


9. In the event of a financial crunch…

A woman holding cash in her hands.

A. I would borrow money to continue with my lifestyle.
B. I would reduce my expenditure.
C. I would cut down on unnecessary expenses.
D. Borrowing is a no-no. I would look at how to save more.


Calculate the points

For every A:

4 points

For every B:

3 points

For every C:

2 points

For every D:

1 point


The Breakdown

30-36 points, you are a reckless spender.

24-29 points, you are a spendthrift.

16-23 points, you are a prudent spender.

9-15 points, you are a penny-pincher.


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