4 Ways A Golf Trip Makes For A Great Girls Getaway

4 Ways A Golf Trip Makes For A Great Girls Getaway

Golf has always been connected with men as a means to get away from it all.

For a few hours or a few days, all they hear is the smack of the club against the ball.

Then, silence as it cuts its way to the green.

However, as it has been revealed over the decades, golf isn’t just for men.

Women enjoy the sport just as much, if not more.

It is truly a time for bonding with their friends while on and off the course.

By the time the getaway is over, they experience another level of connection.

Plus, they feel an immediate urge to plan the next trip.

To understand why this is, there are 4 ways a golf trip makes for a great girls getaway.


1. A Chance to Experience Premier Clubs

Ladies have the same inclination to experience a high-quality course and clubhouse as much as men do.

In fact, they crave the chance to take a step into luxury. So, for example, they might want to take advantage of a premier Ocala golf club not simply for the chance to play a pristine course.

There’s a good chance they would take advantage of the other amenities the clubhouse has.

Perhaps they offer massages and other therapeutic treatments.

The dining may be above what they find if they went on a getaway to Las Vegas.

Then again, it may have the accommodations that let them spend time reconnecting.


2. Learn New Skills

Going on a golf getaway doesn’t mean everyone in the party is an LPGA-level player.

There may be some who have never placed a ball on a tee.

Therefore, this type of trip is a great opportunity to develop new skills.

Setting up a training appointment with the club’s professionals can give novices in the party a sense of the excitement golf has to offer.

In addition, those who have played can learn some new skills that enhance their game.


4 Ways A Golf Trip Makes For A Great Girls Getaway


3. They Work for All Budgets

While a solo trip to a premier golf course may be too hard to handle, it gets easier when a number of people are involved.

When several women get together to plan an event, the course fees, accommodations, and travel to and from the club are greatly reduced.

On top of this, many private golf courses offer group packages that have a lower cost per person than going solo.

These packages may also offer additional amenities like a free golf lesson, meals, or complimentary golf carts.

No matter what, a great girls getaway can fit in any budget.


4. Numerous Options

There are so many options when it comes to golf getaways.

Women can choose small or large courses for different skill levels.

They can select a small club or a large resort with on-property accommodations and dining opportunities.

In addition, they can select from hundreds of courses across the country.

If they’re tired of dealing with the cold winters of their hometown, they can fly down to a place like The Country Club of Ocala for some tropical warmth.

If it gets too hot, then they can go on a getaway to a golf course with cool ocean breezes.

It doesn’t matter what skill levels the group has or their budget, a golf trip is available for all women who want to go on a great getaway.

The first step is to get together and start planning the when and where. Next, collect the necessary funds to make it happen.

Before they know it, the women will be packed and ready to make their journey to a great girls golf getaway.

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