How to Shop Smarter in 5 Simple Steps

Do you buy clothes online but fail to send them back if they aren’t right? Maybe you impulsively pick up a piece, but it spends its life hanging in your closet. If you’re guilty of one or both of these mistakes, you must make some changes to your shopping habits.

If you’re tired of wasted money on clothing that doesn’t bring you joy, various tactics can improve your style and protect your finances. Find out how to shop smarter in five simple steps.

Step One: Establish a Monthly Clothing Budget

Avoid overspending by setting a realistic monthly clothing budget. It will ensure you only buy the items you need, and you aren’t tempted to pick up a top or accessory you can’t afford. 

Preserve your finances by sifting through your wardrobe once per month to throw away items you no longer wear or want. If you throw an item away, replace it using your clothing allowance.

Step Two: Learn Your Measurements

A poor fit can cause people to return clothing to a brand. Yet, you can avoid returns by gaining an in-depth understanding of your waist, hip, and chest measurements. Next, compare the measurements with a retail brand’s size chart that is often featured on their website.

If you’re shopping in-store, carry a measuring tape in your bag to identify if it is likely to fit before visiting a fitting room. Also, ensure you measure or try on a vintage item before you buy, as the sizing is often different from modern clothing sizes.

Step Three: Pick a Monthly Clothing Subscription Service

A monthly clothing subscription service will deliver looks to your door that reflect your taste and style while protecting your insecurities. Apart from the affordable stylist fee, there is no obligation to buy the items in the package, but you could find one or more pieces that match your needs and preference. 

It’s a great way to use your monthly clothing budget, as you won’t feel tempted to venture into a store to buy clothing, which can lead to overspending. Plus, the high-quality items are hand-picked by a talented stylist, which will help you refine your style. If this sounds ideal, check out this informative Nadine West review on

Step Four: Buy Trans-Seasonal Clothing

Stop wasting your money on many seasonal items each spring, summer, fall, and winter. Instead, buy trans-seasonal pieces you can wear across the seasons and will look great year after year. 

For example, buy timeless coats and jackets, classic dresses, high-quality jeans, plain staple t-shirts, vests, and sweaters. It will allow you to layer your wardrobe during fall and winter and pare back an outfit once the sun starts to shine.

Step Five: Care for Your Clothing

Protect your finances and avoid buying clothing unnecessarily by caring for your items to maintain their quality. The more you look after your garments, the less likely you will need to replace various staples. For example, wash denim items inside out, hand wash cashmere, and wash linen clothing at a low temperature with a mild detergent.


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