How to Catch Eyes Whenever and Wherever

Wear More Captivating Clothing

If you want to attract more attention, you might need to change what you wear. The last thing you want to do is put on camouflage as though you were going hunting, or put on dark, drab colors that make you look like you’re off to a heavy metal concert. Clothes, whether we’re aware of it or not, have the incredible power to please or repulse the eye.

Brighter and more artistic options tend to be the most effective conversation starters, particularly because they stand out. If you want to be especially attractive, consider more metallic or shimmering options; just make sure that you don’t stick out too aggressively, or people might talk about you for the wrong reasons!

Drive a Stylish Vehicle

You could be the most beautiful person in the room, but if you arrive in a hunk of junk, you won’t impress anyone! Your vehicle should match your aura, or it won’t look right to those around you.

It’s even more advantageous to color-coordinate with your car or motorcycle; as with clothing, it is important to opt for brighter, flashier colors. There are so many different body styles that can elevate your ride without the need for a brand-new vehicle, though having a state-of-the-art sports car will probably leave a lasting impression!

Smile More and Maintain Eye Contact

Often, people either neglect to maintain eye contact or stare so intensely that they scare others off. Looking into someone else’s eyes is a great way to connect, but attracting those same eyes is even better as you showcase your personality.

For example, if you look dull or frustrated, people will be reluctant to approach you. Making eye contact with a smile is a subtle yet powerful tool for initiating conversation, but it’s more impressive if you catch someone looking at you first; in that case, the ball is in your court, and you have the opportunity to reciprocate the gesture and spark a conversation. From there, it’s integral not to act falsely—just be yourself!

Always Look Your Best

One of the most important ways to garner attention is to be prepared to accept the attention that comes your way. Facial expression is directly influenced by mood and intention, so if you’re unprepared to chat, you might seem entirely unapproachable. Therefore, exhibiting positive emotion can brighten your face and render you all the more magnetic.

One way to feel as good as you look is to nurture your face and skin. You can do this by adopting a consistent skincare routine, or even by opting for something more dramatic, like a facelift. Surgery, in fact, can make a tremendous difference in your confidence, self-image, and how people approach you, as you will look far more alert, youthful, and ready to engage.

No matter how your confidence might wane with age, there is hope—so you might as well put forth the effort to take care of the difficult aspects of getting older!

Use Relaxed Body Language to Reduce Tension

If you’re particularly tense, other people will notice! Sticking your hands in your pockets, tapping away at your phone, and looking at the floor at social events don’t leave great impressions; you don’t want people to think that you’re nervous or avoidant.

It’s normal to feel anxious around new people, but try not to show it; if you relax your posture and practice open body language, it’ll be easier to enjoy a great conversation. “Relaxation” and “openness” are broad terms, of course, but include avoiding crossing your arms, using your hands to gesture, and staying in the center of the room rather than on the edges. You could also talk more confidently and animatedly to illustrate your points; people love self-assurance!



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