Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen : What’s it Like?

Over the years, I’d struggled to find the right sunscreen option for my needs. As a real outdoorsy, sporty person, I’m in the sun a lot, but naturally, I like to protect my skin, particularly on my face. Not getting out there and pursuing my sporting passions really isn’t an option, so having never tried mineral sunscreen that I’d heard so much about, I looked online and found Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen.

After a day or so, my new sunscreen arrived at my door and the first thing I noticed was the innovative packaging. It was well designed, as you’d expect, but I also discovered that it had Smart Bottle technology, meaning that it changes color when it’s exposed to UV rays.

I always wear mine now (spoiler alert), but I can see how useful this feature would be helpful to others, particularly those with children.

No White Residue!

I had heard a lot of things about mineral sunscreen long before trying it and my particular choice was Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen. When I tried applying it, I was honestly expecting there to be a white residue left behind on my skin. However, contrary to what I’d understood, the zinc oxide product I used actually went dry, smooth and clear. 

A great start.

Protection You Can’t Argue With

Right, now we get to the point of the matter – what kind of protection did it offer? Well, the first time I used it, I was down at the beach for around 6 hours and I kept applying it every 3 hours or so. I was in the water a lot of the time and I was aware that sunscreens tend to wash off in the water.

In truth, what I found later on in the evening after a shower, was that there were no areas of my face that felt tender or sore in any way. That’s not something that could be said for others I’ve tried in the past that have left me painfully aware of areas that I hadn’t covered so well. 

Before trying Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen, even the best chemical sunscreens I’d used had failed to protect me 100% from a day in the sun, but this time, it felt a lot like I hadn’t even been out in it. When putting on my post-shower face cream, there was none of the telltale tenderness over my cheeks or nose.

A Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee 

One of the reasons why I chose this company over the others available is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They say if you don’t love it, then you can have your money back! As much as I’d have loved to have my money back, I was so impressed with the product I’d used that there was no way I was going to return it. 

Are You Outdoorsy? Then Try Blue Lizard Sunscreen

So, as someone who’s used Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen, I’m more than happy to recommend it to others. It provides full broad spectrum protection, it goes on clear and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

What’s more, it’s coral-safe, meaning that it won’t contribute to the ongoing destruction of the environment – which obviously has to stop. I’ve since read that by switching, I’ve done my part in helping to protect them for future generations to enjoy. 

What you choose is your bag, but take it from me, this stuff is the business!


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