Hair Loss, let us help you!

Hair is everything for everyone. Within its tames lies their confidence, pride, and the strength to conquer everything. Not to be overdramatic, but a bad hair day means a bad day. So when your beloved hair falls off like leaves from trees in autumn, it’s natural that it will bring the sadness season upon you. Right from home remedies to expensive chemical products to even a dermatologist’s treatment, people are willing to try anything in the hope that it just sticks.

The cause of hair fall can be many. There is a possibility of underlying medical conditions that can cause your precious hair to leave your nest, such as PCOS, nutritional deficiency, among others. Other common hair loss causes include excessive hair styling products, heat damage, stress, pollution, or even aging. 

If you’re looking for some home remedies to try, you’ve come to the right place. Before starting, remember that it will take some time before you see their effect. Practice them consistently, along with some lifestyle changes to alter any situations that may be affecting your hair health.

Keep it Clean 


The first step to treating your hair is to clean it the right way. Do regular shampooing with the kind that suits your hair type and doesn’t harm it instead. Regular cleaning also reduces the risk of any infection and dandruff, which can make your hair weak and prone to breakage.

Oiling It Right 

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The good old grandmother remedy. It’s important to regularly oil your hair and oil it correctly, and use the right kind of oil. Some oils, such as coconut, are a one-stop solution for most hair types, but if you don’t see any significant change, try almond or peppermint oil. Oil once a week, and massage your hair to improve the blood flow too. You can leave it overnight or for two hours and shampoo it later. 

Keep the Products Away 

If you use many hair styling products, most of which are chemical-based, stop right away for a while. They are harmful to the natural oils of your hair and can damage it in the long run. It is also best if you don’t use heat for some time. Instead, opt for natural or home-based hair styling products. Let the hair breathe and be.

Make Lifestyle Changes 

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Habits such as smoking also harm your hair. Quitting it might improve your overall health as well as your hair health. Having a nutritional and balanced diet rich with protein and iron, exercising regularly, and keeping stress at bay will also strengthen your hair.

These were some of the basic things that you can do to save and care for your hair. Here are some home remedies to make your hair healthier.

Aloe vera 

Aloe Vera is the remedy that is best for you and your hair, and it is scientifically proven that 

aloe vera helps treat hair loss problems, and it also helps in conditioning hair and reducing hair loss.

Coconut Oil 


Coconut oil is used for centuries because of its benefits in hair treatment. The fatty acid that 

the coconut contains is very good for your hair and scalp; it reduces the protein loss from hair and helps improve the health and luster of the hair. 


Ginseng supplements are very good for our hair growth and protection from hair loss, as the ginsenosides component helps in hair growth by improving the follicles of our scalp. If you are going for ginseng, please check its side effects, if any, because sometimes it causes side effects in certain medical conditions. 

Remember to follow these remedies consistently for good results. 

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