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6 Ways to Show Your Long-Distance Lover That You’re Thinking of Them

Long-distance relationships can be tough because we want to be able to hold, touch, and talk to the person that we love. But, many couples decide to try to make it work—and it can. It just takes a bit more effort to make sure that your relationship is strong and healthy. Because you can’t see each other every day (at least not in person), you need to put in a greater level of effort to show that you care and that you’re thinking about the other person. 


There are some really simple ways to do this, but make sure you’re implementing these tips on a regular basis, so your significant other feels special and appreciated when you’re giving him or her a surprise gift like a brand new Rolex watch or just simply sending a sweet text randomly throughout the day.

  • Plan a FaceTime Date

Thanks to 21st-century technology, long-distance relationships have gotten a helluva lot easier. Between FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout Meets, and a long list of other video chat services, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with friends, family, and significant others who live in other parts of the country or even the world. 


Talking over the phone and through text is important to maintaining your relationship, but using video chats is even more important because it allows you to see the person you love. Having the ability to look at the other person, see their facial reactions, and share those moments together can greatly increase the intimacy in your relationship and show the other person how much you care.

  • Send a Gift


Sometimes the act of giving a gift, especially an extravagant one, to a partner may seem like a shallow and materialistic gesture, but gift-giving has a deep psychological effect on our brain and the way we view our relationships. Giving your significant other a gift is often a symbolic act that has a deeper meaning outside the surface level value of the item itself. 


Sending a present that you know your sweetheart will love is a really nice and unexpected way to demonstrate that you’re thinking about the other person and want to give them something that they’ll enjoy. The gift can be anything you find particularly meaningful, whether it is an expensive gift like a brand new gold chain or something small like a good book.

  • Write a Handwritten Letter

While technology has made it much easier for people, especially those in long-distance relationships, to stay in touch, it’s also almost completely stamped out the art of writing a letter. Receiving a handwritten note from someone that you love can be exponentially more meaningful than a simple text, especially in modern times when writing letters is not necessary to be able to communicate. 


It demonstrates a certain level of forethought on the sender’s part and may make the recipient feel extra special that you took the time to sit down and put your thoughts to paper to create a stronger bond. 

  • Plan a Surprise Visit

Everyone loves surprises. Okay, most people love surprises. Some people definitely don’t like to be caught off guard. If your S.O. is one of those kinds of people, skip the surprise and just plan a normal time to spend some time together. For everyone else, a surprise visit can be the ultimate way to show your partner how much you care. 


It takes a great deal of planning to travel somewhere long distance, especially if your sweetheart is living outside the country. Find a time that works with your schedule and try to get his or her friends and family (or the people they are close within their area) on board to make sure your partner will be free and available to hang out with you when you show up for the big surprise. Of course, you won’t be able to do this all the time, so you want to make the most of your in-person visit.

  • Order Dinner to His or Her House

This is a really great idea for anyone whose partner lives far away. Be sure that he or she is going to be home when the food arrives—maybe plan a FaceTime date at the same time. Then, place an order with a food delivery service or directly with a restaurant that delivers and picks your sweetheart’s favorite kind of meal. 


Add a personalized message and watch their faces light up when they come back from the door with a delicious meal from you. Turn it into a virtual dinner date by ordering food to your home at the same time, and then sit down at your phones or computers together and pretend you’re enjoying a real candlelit dinner date. 

  • Communicate Online

When you’re not seeing your significant other every day, you may feel inclined to be constantly texting or calling with each other to make sure the connection is still alive. You don’t have to do this. Over-communicating can be toxic to a relationship sometimes if the other person feels smothered or suspects a lack of trust in their partner. 

Instead, have a nightly call in the evening to talk about your day and maybe send a morning text. In between, a good way to stay connected without constantly talking all day long is through the internet. Send each other funny memes or photos, interesting news articles, or cool travel destinations that you can dream about visiting together one day.


Stay Connected Even from a Distance

Long-distance relationships don’t have to be difficult. Of course, we would all rather be near the person we love, but factors like school and work travel can get in the way sometimes. Luckily, we have the ability to video chat with each other, so you can see your significant other any time of the day—even from across the country or the world. 


But, if you’re looking for a way to keep the romance alive, take some tips from the olden days of writing letters and pour out your heart or send your sweetheart a special gift like a gold chain or bracelet. When it comes to maintaining a long-distance relationship, it’s all about the amount of effort you put in, so try out some of these ideas and watch your bond blossom.

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