Fashion and Interiors: How to add a retro style to everything

They say fashion and interior trends are fully intertwined, with patterns and designs often trickling off the catwalk into our favorite homeware stores. 

But while many of us are lapping up the neutral style of the boho trend, how can those of us who love color and vintage patterns bring it all together in both our everyday clothes and home décor? 

Well, in this guide, you’re going to find out!

How to add a retro style to every room of the house

Bright and bold wallpaper

Of course, anything with a bright and bold style is a winner. Feature walls, or all-over print, work perfectly to create a big statement whenever you enter the room. No matter which era is your favorite, a bold design for the walls will never let you down. 

Decorate with toys

Retro toys and sweets always make great accessories for a retro home. Everything from colorful rollerblades re-used as flower pots, or old-style globes for a mantel masterpiece. Decorating with toys is a great way to add a retro style to your rented accommodation, as it requires very little permanence. They’re also a good way to subtly hint to a retro feel if you prefer something a little more minimalist. 

Colored kitchen appliances

We can’t be the only ones that dream of a pastel SMEG fridge, right? Because who said kitchen appliances had to be black or white. 

Adding pastels or block-colored appliances to your kitchen is a sure-fire way to give off a retro style. If you’re on a small budget, upgrade your worktop accessories like the kettle, toaster and coffee pot. For those of you willing to stretch your money, splurge on a colored oven or fridge freezer.

How to add a retro style to your everyday fashion

Acid-wash denim

If there’s one thing that scream cool and retro, it’s acid wash denim. Taking inspiration from the kids of Stranger Things, this lighter denim works for 80s chic if that’s what you’re after. For those who are feeling thrifty, vintage t-shirts and thrift shop jeans are an easy go-to outfit for everyday wear. 

Bright accessories

While 2021’s accessories are a little daintier and more delicate, past eras’ versions are more ‘go hard or go home’. Think Claire’s circa 2007. Bright, plastic and somewhat unnecessary. 

Bootcut or flared jeans

Skinny jeans and leggings are far too trendy for a retro style, so ditch the tight fit and get back into flared and bootcut options. High-waisted varieties are also a great choice. Funnily enough, these jeans cuts are coming back around and you’ll likely be able to find yourself a brand new, affordable set at your local high street. 

So, if you’re a full retro fanatic, you now have everything you need to get your house and clothing in order. Anything that feels a little too farfetched should be a new wardrobe or décor staple. Get hunting on eBay and Pinterest for your next little purchase to create the perfect retro style to suit you.


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