Five Kitchen Upgrades That Will Make Cooking A Pleasure

If getting into the kitchen and whipping up delicious food is not really your thing, have you ever considered the cooking space you are using could be what is spoiling your chances of becoming a real foodie?

A poorly designed kitchen can make the thought of whipping up a meal there pretty unappealing, so transforming it into a space you love could just be the solution to your reservations in the culinary department.

Redesigning the space to make it more visually appealing with improved ergonomics and all the right equipment to get any food-based job done might be all it takes to make the kitchen your new favorite place to be.

Read on for five kitchen upgrades that will make cooking a pleasure.


Lighting for a kitchen is getting more inventive, and a statement pendent light can really bring your kitchen up to date.

In addition to this, kitchens also require a different light source to avoid you blocking out the light needed while you are cooking. Think of it this way, when you are standing at your countertop, the main light is behind you; what you actually need is the light to be in front of you.

To achieve this, under cabinet lights are essential to avoid preparing food in the shadows.


To really transform a poorly thought-out or dated design, a full kitchen remodel can create the perfect cooking environment.

Modern cabinets not only look nice, they also contain clever storage ideas to maximize the space you have and can incorporate the latest technology too.

Don’t be afraid to completely change the layout if that makes the room more user-friendly.

Also, consider a new countertop and flooring to complete the look.


If you find yourself running out of space on the cooktop or if your oven isn’t large enough to accommodate your best baking attempts, upgrading your stove can make a world of difference to your cooking experience.

There are good budget options if money is tight or go all-out on an appliance a chef would feel at home with if your budget stretches that far.


A dark room can really bring the mood down, so if you are preparing food in a dingy space, it might be time to lighten up.

Even if your cabinets are a darker color, opting for white walls and tiles will really brighten up the space and make it more pleasant to be in.

Herb garden

The perfect addition to any kitchen is an indoor herb garden. Not only does it add some greenery to the space, but there is also nothing more satisfying than picking your own home-grown herbs to add to your meals.

Fresh herbs also taste better, have more nutrients in them, and growing your own means you save money too, so it makes good sense all around.

So before you write yourself off in the cookery department, first consider if it’s your kitchen that’s really putting you off. Then set about putting in right with a remodel.


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