Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep Better
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Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep Better?

If you currently experience problems with your sleep, you may have tried a whole host of different innovative nocturnal aids, like temperature-regulating sheets, more ergonomically supportive pillows, and memory foam mattresses. If you are still having trouble, even while utilizing those great products, you may still need help getting not just enough sleep, but high quality and satisfying sleep. Have you heard of the recent sleep trend of weighted blankets?

They are reputed to help reduce your stress levels and help you get a better night’s sleep.


That’s what we are going to look at in the following post.


Reduces Restlessness at Night

Are you a restless sleeper or suffer from restless leg syndrome?

Are you constantly tossing and turning during the night?

Perhaps you are susceptible to every little movement made by whoever you share the bed with, whether it’s your partner, dog, or another animal.

If you have any of these problems, a weighted blanket may be the solution you need. 

They have weights built into their design that helps to provide a balanced and gentle force that presses down on your body.

This downward force can help reduce the amount of moving you do during the night and ensure you have a more relaxed and still sleep.


Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Are you prone to feeling all those racing thoughts about issues, whether they are those silly little things that just seem to linger in your mind or the huge and distracting events in your life?

Do they always seem to come to the surface the moment you lay your head and body on the bed and stop you from getting the sleep you need? 

They have been proven to help decrease nervous system activity and reduce your levels of anxiety.

There have been studies that prove weighted blankets can help reduce cortisol production while you sleep.

When combined with some breathing techniques, a weighted blanket could help you to feel less stressed when the lights go out and you rest in your bed.


They Can Increase the Levels of Your Body’s Serotonin

The concept of weighted blankets is to provide what is known as deep pressure stimulation (DPS).

This kind of pressure is used as a form of therapy and can increase the levels of serotonin, the chemical in your brain that is involved in sleep regulation and makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

That warm, snug and weighted feeling you get when you are held that’s replicated through DTP with a weighted blanket also helps to encourage your body to produce more of the oxytocin it needs.

This is a chemical that is known to relieve stress and pain and helps boost your immune system.

As a result, it can help improve the quality and length of your sleep. 

So, if you have tried a lot of different accessories and sleep aids and yet not successfully experienced.

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