Our 6 Most Popular Sports Bra Colours

Hi, my name is Amy and I manage specialist sports bra online store, Sports Bras Direct. I know a thing or two about sports bras! Over the past years we have sold thousands of sports bras. Sports bras of all colours, shapes, and sizes.

When we think sports bras we often think of size. Petite, regular or plus. We also think of support or Impact level. Low, medium, or high. 

But what about colour? Traditionally women wore sports bras hidden under their top far away from the view of others. As such, it didn’t really matter what colour we wore as who would see right?

Fast forward to today and many more women are rocking the belly and proudly stepping out sans top to exercise in the cool comfort of only their sports bra.

A short walk along the beach close to my home reveals women of all shapes and sizes hitting the sand in the sports bra and tights. You go girls. I for one love it. Be proud of who you are.

So, you would think that we would also be rocking every colour of the rainbow. Thousands of sports bras packed tell a different story. We seem happy to step out in uncovered style but are still conservative with what colours we wear.

Read on the to discover our 6 most popular sports bra colours.

  • Black Sports Bras


Who would have thought? Boring old black. But we women seem to love it when it comes to sports bras.

There are not many sports bra companies out there that do not have a range of black sports bras as part of their basic range. And it is by far our biggest colour (is black a colour or a shade?) representation.

Why is that? I guess we are still a little conservative when drawing attention to our girls. We are happy to enjoy the cool freedom of going topless while we exercise but for the most part don’t want to draw attention to them.

There is also a practical side to this choice. When you exercise you sweat, and your sports bra can suffer the consequences. Unsightly sweat marks! Sports bras aren’t cheap, so we want them to last as long as possible.

What better way to hide any visual imperfections than by wearing black? And it is said to be slimming too. Perfect if you have a bit more up top.

So, if you are looking for a sports bra that is more practical and conservative then try a black sports bra.

  • White Sports Bras

Next is the complete opposite of the shade spectrum. White sports bras. Wow, we really are a boring bunch!

All jokes aside it is interesting that white is almost as popular as black. It doesn’t fit any of the reasons listed above. It isn’t good at hiding marks. It isn’t slimming. So, why is white so popular.

One reason is not everyone wants to get their sports bra out. As many of us that like to exercise top free there are just as many who feel more comfortable top on.

And white is a nice discrete colour that can be worn underneath. The more conservative among us feel more comfortable with the discretion of white. And that is perfectly OK.

That said, there are many white sports bras that look good. And can easily be worn with a pair of black leggings. Allowing you to step out in style.

White sports bras cover both bases nicely. Top on or top off they tick a lot of boxes.

  • Grey Sports Bras

Now for a shade in between, grey. Yes, boring old grey sports bras. If surprises me grey is so popular.

I guess it nicely finds that balance between the two shade extremities. Dark enough to still hide any marks or imperfections as the bra gets old. But light enough to remain subtle whether out in the open or under a top.

If you are looking for that stylish in between sports bra then a grey sports bra may be just what you need.

  • Nude Sports Bras

Call them nude, skin toned or latte. You know the ones, designed to as closely match your skin colour as possible. Nude sports bras are popular. And for good reason.

Many women work in active jobs or simply decide to wear a sports bra as part of their everyday wardrobe. As such, they want something discrete they can wear under their top of work blouse.

Enter the nude sports bra. Perfect for such a task. The best bit they also allow you to transfer from the boardroom to the gym floor with ease.

If you lead an all-day active life and need discrete support, then a nude sports bra is perfect for you.

  • Blue Sports Bras

The first of what you would call a true colour, blue sports bras. Wow, we girls sure know how to push the colour boat out!

We finally have a colour on the list that has a bit of substance and it’s blue. I guess it is the most common favourite colour in the world so no surprise really.

They do make a statement without drawing too much attention (think pink or flouro orange!). And they do look good on. There is just something about blue.

If you want to experiment with a bit of colour without going to over the top, then a blue sports bra could be just what you need.

  • Multi-Colour Sports Bras

These are popular. They cover a broad range, so it is no wonder really. Multi-colour sports bras are those bras that funk it up with a pattern or colour splash to take you away from the ordinary.

These are most often the seasonal styles many brands bring out each summer or winter. Something different to try and keep their customers excited.

They range from a simple different coloured trim to the truly ‘designed’ colour splashes that take a bit of confidence to wear.

If you are after something truly different for your work out wardrobe, then give a multi-colour sports bra a go.

  • The Rest


We’ve done the top six but there are so many colour variations out there. Sports bras have become a fashion item and many companies have created colour ranges to suit almost any colour desire.

Whether it is green, pink, orange, red or purple my colour page is sure to have a sports bra colour perfect for you.


My Final Thoughts


We are all different and there is no such thing as a ‘one colour suits all’ sports bra. The favourite shade or colour of your training buddy may not be yours.

Now more than ever, we women can choose from a large range of sports bra colours. And we no longer have to settle for what’s on offer at our local stores (don’t you just love the the internet!)

Use my list as a starting point in your search for your new favourite sports bra colour. One that is supportive, comfortable and accommodates your size perfectly. After all a great workout starts with the right sports bra!

Yours in Support.


Amy x


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