How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Weekend Getaway

It’s time for a vacation! Don’t you think so? Round up your girls and start looking at destinations you would all love to visit because we are going to talk about planning the perfect girls’ weekend getaway. There are so many considerations and other logistics to factor in when you’re planning a vacation, and we want to make sure you are prepared and able to check off everything on the list. Are you ready to discuss which plus-size fashion to pack and how to plan? We have got you covered! 

Determine a Destination 

There are so many places in the world and locally to travel to with your girls. You can start soliciting a few ideas from your friends and have the group vote on destination they love the most. If you are looking for destination inspiration, we have included several dream locations. 


Set a Date

Obviously, it’s going to be critical to set a date for this weekend getaway, but it can be difficult to do so when you are involving different people who have their own schedules. To start planning, choose a couple of different dates that work for you. You can pitch these dates to your travel crew and narrow in on a good time. 


Book Flights for Your Group 

After you have your dates picked out, you will have to book a flight. Typically, most people will book their flights individually, but if you want to sit together or you have people in your party who would like to sit in certain places, try having one person book the flights to make sure everyone is sitting together. 


Pack Your Favorite Plus Size Clothes

Now that all of your travel plans are arranged, it’s time to get to packing. We want to make sure you have the cutest clothes to wear on vacation. If you’re going somewhere tropical and beachy, pack your favorite two-piece swimsuits that make you feel radiant and confident. Our biggest piece of advice when it comes to packing is make sure you include clothing you know you will wear and feel most confident in. We want you to have a fun trip, so be sure to pack plus size party dresses that hug your curves just right! 


Build Your Itinerary 

While you’re on vacation, you are going to want to plan various activities so that you and your girls have the best time! From sightseeing to jet skiing or just lying out by the pool, it’s important to get your group’s feedback on the things they would like to do and see. You should be able to book these activities before your trip while allowing for flexibility to plan some excursions while you’re on your vacay. 



Plan Fun Photo Opportunities 

Do you and your girls want to get Instagrammable-worthy photos while on vacation? If so, do some research beforehand to determine some gorgeous spots to take photos. In addition to any other activities you have planned, this will be such a fun experience with your girls, and you will have so many photos to look back on! 


Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Up until you leave for your trip, it’s important to make sure everyone knows where to be, where you’re going and how to get there. You can always create a Google doc that you fill with updates or a group message to keep everyone in the loop. Both of these places are good spots to keep your itinerary, as well as any confirmation or reservation numbers. 

Destinations for a Girls’ Weekend Getaway

There are so many things to see and places to travel, but we have narrowed down our favorite places to take a girls’ trip. Whether you want a cozy cabin getaway or a beach vacay, you will find your dream destination here. 


  • Lake Tahoe, Calif. – Depending on the season, Lake Tahoe can work as both a summer getaway or a winter wonderland escape. If you go during the summer, expect beautiful views, warm temperatures and lake activities. In the winter, you will have your own slice of snowy heaven with various snow sport activities and a cozy and calm cabin. 
  • Sedona, Ariz. – Are you and your girls more on the spiritual side? If so, Sedona’s healing powers are said to be incredible, as well as being a nice spot to relax and unwind. 
  • Miami, Fla. – The beach is calling your name? If you are looking for a trip that feels like it’s on an island—without leaving the U.S.—head to Miami. The culture is rich, the food is good and you are going to have the time of your life partying it up with your girlfriends.
  • Chicago, Ill. – If you’re interested in visiting a big city with unique tourist attractions, put Chicago on your list. Take a river architecture tour, step out into a glass box 100 floors above the city or enjoy the beautiful lakefront. 
  • New Orleans, La. – Is day-drinking your thing? You and your girls are going to want to go to New Orleans. Enjoy a city filled with history, great food and, of course, the opportunity to live it up and party. 
  • Montreal, Canada – Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend in Paris with their girlfriends? While you could certainly go to Paris, if you’re looking for a closer and more affordable option, head to Montreal. The city is known for being a mini France and has similar architecture and cuisine. 
  • Palm Springs, Calif. – If a scorching hot desert vacay spent by the pool is your dream getaway, look no further than Palm Springs. This gorgeous desert city has so many photo opps and offers you and your girls the perfect place to relax or sightsee—Joshua Tree National Park isn’t far!

If you’re ready to start planning your weekend getaway, we hope this advice helps you! And don’t forget to invite us! 


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