How long should my bra last 

When it comes to buying bras, like most things, you get what you pay for. A bra is an investment, you want it to support your breasts whilst being comfortable to make sure you look and feel good. So this begs the question ‘how long should my bra last?’. There are a number of factors that can affect the life-span of your bra such as quality, fit and how you take care of it. We don’t think the time limit on each and every bra is universal, however it is important to know when it is time to accept your relationship with a certain bra is over. 

Bra lifespan 

Everyday bra: 

When it comes to the lifespan of your bra, like any item of clothing, the more you wear it, the more worn out it will become. Therefore you can generally expect your everyday bras to need replacing more often than special occasion bras. With proper care, a well fitting bra should last anywhere from 6 months to a year even with regular wear. Over time, even with proper care, fabric can stretch and underwire and elastic can start to break down which will lead to you having less support over time. This is why it is important to let your bra go when the time comes, regardless of how well it has served you over its time because although it might still look great, it could be causing discomfort on top of lack of support. 

Occasion bra

 On the other hand, you are likely to have a range of bras available for special occasions such as strapless bras, bustier bras and push up bras to match your going out outfits. You can expect these bras to last much longer than your everyday bras since typically they don’t get worn as often- unless of course you’re a huge party animal. 

Sports bras

Similarly to occasion bras, you can expect your sports bras to have a longer lifespan than your everyday bras because they are designed to last longer. Sports bras are created to be durable whilst providing you with excellent life and support to make sure you can have a full workout without having to worry about breast pain and movement. 

Tip: The better care you take of your bra- the longer it will last. 

How do I take proper care of my bra and lingerie?

There are a number of best practises you can follow to lengthen the lifespan of your bra which involve taking care of your bra during the washing process. Washing the bra regularly is important because by keeping it clean and well fitted, cleaning allows it to last longer. Here are our recommendations for cleaning your bra: 

  1. We recommend doing up the back of the bra when you wash it.
  2. We always suggest using a mild detergent for coloured lingerie 
  3.  Please use a delicate washing programme if you decide to use a washing machine OR if you want to give your bra the best care we suggest handwashing it.
  4. NEVER tumble drying your bra as the heat can break down the elastic quicker. We suggest hanging it out to dry.
  5. Wash your bra every 2-3 wears
  6. Replace your lingerie every 6-12 months- even with correct care and storage, the elastic will become stretched and broken down, therefore it will need to be replaced.

How many bras do I need?

How many bras you own is completely dependent on your lifestyle, for example how often you wear a bra, do you wear a bra every day? Let’s assume you do- in which case we would recommend a good average of 5-7 well fitted bras. This is because you will have adequate supply to rotate between washes meaning you can get the maximum out of your bras. We know the cost of good quality bras can add up so why not start with 2 or 3 then build up your bra supply from there. 

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