Cosmetics Shopping For Beginner’s – Tips on How to Save Money on Makeup

Good day to all my ladies! As a beauty lover, I understand how great it feels when you can get makeup products that you have desired for a period of time. Let’s together do a test! We will be given 2 questions: “Have you thrown up an expired makeup product before using it up?” and “Do you like buying cosmetics advertised on social media channels?”. If these answers are “Yes”, I am pretty sure that you are somehow not able to control your beauty budget. That’s why today’s topic would be how to save money on makeup by smart ways not hard ways.

How To Stop Buying Makeup? 

I believe it is such a hard question that no beauty lover wants to answer. I admit that at first I thought I could not stop buying makeup. The reason is because I am a makeup beginner, and I am always triggered to experiment with cosmetic products to see which ones are suitable for me. If I am asked how to get cheap makeup, I can frankly say buying cosmetics with low price does not mean you are saving money. You spend what you apply on your precious face; therefore, you should be more careful with cheap cosmetics. So, how to shop for makeup wisely to save your beauty budget? 

  • Check the expiry date

I do wish all my makeup products could last forever, so I do not need to buy the replacements. Unfortunately, cosmetics do expire! After checking my makeup arsenal, I found out half of them had expired. It was such a waste that I threw my money in the trash bin. 


To avoid that waste, I stick a bigger note about their expiry date on their bodies to remind me to use them up to the last drops before buying another one. Additionally, based on the expiry date, I can set a clear list when I can get a new one.

  • Make up on a budget

You must be serious about deciding how much you can spend for buying cosmetics in a month. Plus, as you are in the process of saving money on makeup”, let’s set a tight budget for makeup purposes. For my first 6 months, I decided to spend zero since I found out I still have makeup products that last up to that time. 


When it is time for cosmetics shopping, I list down what I actually use daily and try not to opt for high-end products. My aim is to get the best dupes from drugstores. Eventually, I realize that there are many dupes that do rival the high-ends in terms of performance and price. To get more information about amazing dupes, let’s google about skincare top list or watch reviews from some beauty gurus on Youtube. 

  • Think about what you actually use

Everyone has their own wishlist filled by many cosmetic products they desire to get. However, those products might be not the ones you actually use daily. For beginners, I suggest you learn to master some basic makeup skills before thinking about doing experiments to save your money. Personally, a basic makeup needs a primer, foundation, eyebrow and lipstick. When you get used to those steps, let’s move to highlighting and contour, eyeshadow and eyeliner. When you practice like that, you will know that you prefer face or lip products. It is a good step to prioritize your budget on what makeup aspects and learn on how to save money on makeup

  • Try to get versatile makeup products

A lipstick can work more than its own function. It can be used as a blush and eyeshadow. Not only lipsticks, there are many cosmetic products being able to perform more than what we think. For example, a mascara brush can be used to sharpen your eyebrows nicely; a eyeshadow palette can be used for highlighting and contouring as well. 


A significant benefit of using versatile makeup products is to have a ton-sur-ton makeup and save your time not to think about what to apply. It should be a great idea for those who want to put a quick, natural makeup on daily like officers or students. You just need to make sure your facial skin does not feel irritated when applying sticklips for blush or eyeshadow for contouring.

  • Cosmetic for less

Another way of “how to save money on makeup” that I frequently practice is to use coupons or employee’s vouchers. Many drug stores offer free coupons in their fliers. It actually saves a lot to collect and use them for my family’s toileteries’s payment. Sometimes, I can get a free eyeshadow pad or mini lipsticks when using coupons as well. 


Additionally, to get a free coupon or discount code, you can sign up on the drugstore’s website. They will send code for you frequently via your email, and I find this way more convenient for young people like me. As you are on a saving project, please be controlled by the list of what and when you can get them. 

  • Stop watching ads

What triggers me most on buying cosmetics is due to ads on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. You are often exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day without noticing that. 


To be more determined at my low-buy plan, I believe that an AdBlocker must be installed in my laptop. It is quite easy since it can be found in the extensions for Chrome, and it takes less than a minute to stop you from watching video promotions, pop-ups, etc. daily. For Youtube, after a 30-day trial, I decided to get a Premium version since I can watch clips smoothly without being paused by any advertisement. I believe that my “how to save money on makeup” plan works quite well by stopping watching ads. 

  • Try to get free samples

As I frequently wander around a shopping mall, I see that there are many shops that give free samples when you are signing up for membership without buying any products. It is quite interesting to try something new to see whether it is good on your skin or not. 


Additionally, if you have memberships at many cosmetic stores, please remember to get a free gift or special discounts on your birthday. Those gifts might not be what you really want, but I am sure you would be happy enough to have a cosmetics gift on your day.

  • Learn some beauty hacks

Last but not least, if you have no idea how to save money on makeup, you actually can learn some beauty hacks from Youtube and beauty groups that you are in. There are many ways to fix a broken eyeshadow or foundation palette, lipsticks or dry mascara that you can try to do at home. Plus, some cosmetics in a tube form such as concealer or liquid lipsticks have a stopper to avoid you getting too much product. When there seems no more in the tube, you can remove the stopper and get extra product before buying a new one.

Final word

Saving money on makeup seems hard for some beauty lovers since new makeup trends or cosmetic products have been constantly updated. However, it does not mean you have to stop buying cosmetics. As mentioned above, there are many realistic options that will not make you feel restricted to get your desired products. Being a smart makeup shopper by using my tips is a way to show how you understand your makeup habit and appreciate money you earn.


I hope my sharing and tips are helpful for makeup beginners and those who indulge in binge-shopping. If you have other tips on how to save money on makeup or how to get cosmetics for less, please let me know in the comment box below. 



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