Change The Way You Get Pampered, Call Your Salon At Home!  

You need killer party hair or the ideal party makeover or both. You could call nearby salons, be involved in negotiations with different salons, and adjust your schedule as per the appointment time you get.

Or, you can call up Swagmee and let their experts perform their magic. 

Swagmee is an online portal that brings certified beauty professionals working in the industry for a long time to give you personalised attention at the solace of your home. Their beauty care services include waxing, hair spa, massage therapy, pedicure & manicure, facial & clean up, threading, and pre-bridal makeover to name a few. 

Your girlfriend, boss or your neighbour and almost all women must have called a Swagmee Salon at Home in Delhi/NCR at least once.

Here are some advantages Parlour at home holds over your regular beauty parlour.

No need to hustle with the traffic

Fighting through traffic and afterwards for parking spots, pre-book sessions and still end up waiting? Why let this ruin your salon experience? Selecting an at-home skincare service from Swagmee will get the top tier beauty experts at your home to spoil you with a salon-like encounter.

You save A LOT of time

Since you will not need to stress over taking your vehicle out or hiring an Uber and getting stuck in traffic, simply envision how much time you’ll save simply by remaining at home! It’s difficult to beat the convenience and lavishness of seeking a delightful treatment done in your own home. Ecstasy!


Nothing beats the comfort of your home

There are ladies who love the “interaction” with spas and salons… It resembles something celebratory for them – those top beauty magazines, the robes and head wraps, the “satisfying room” where you obviously recline awkwardly across another lady until a specialist comes in to play out the magic on your skin. However, that is certainly not me. I like the result, not the process! Because of the Swagmee salon at home in Delhi/NCR, I can participate in some chatter with my mother or sister (or can get lost in my own music) while getting my nails painted.

You can easily indulge in post-treatment TLC

Smeared nails post your manicure treatment, storm escaping following a blow-dry, the battle of wearing flip-flops after a pedicure sesh; these are a couple of normal bothers that can happen after a visit to a salon, which can all be destroyed by moving these excellent beauty care services to your own home.

You feel more relaxed

The main and only objective of getting massage therapy is to unwind and rejuvenate our bodies and soul. So when you go to a spa, how frequently do you often go into a profound sleep? Indeed, you obviously can’t do that and a ton of different things when in a spa. When you settle for an at-home service, the specialist is all yours – you will be getting undivided attention with zero disturbance.


You can call in your girlfriends

No more contending to get your hair or nails done. Because of Swagme, there’s currently only one thing that should be at the top of our social schedule: girls spoil night in! It permits you to remain in and bring the delights of the salon straightforwardly to the solace of your lounge room. So hang up your heels, pull up your pajamas and get the girls around.

We must appreciate At-Home Salons for their logistic operations to bring facial or spa sessions to our homes (the impressive number of creams, serums, masks, boosters, sheets, etc.).

Head over to the Swagmee website to call a beauty expert to your home on the day & time of your preference, choose from a wide range of beauty services and don’t forget to “Book Now” Salon At Home services and click on the “Checkout” ” button.

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