BAKFlip Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

Tonneau covers are among the most popular accessories for trucks. They transform the open bed of your truck into an enclosed trunk. However, they don’t prevent you from using it as a traditional truck bed. BAK is one of the most popular tonneau cover manufacturers. Many people particularly like their BAKFlip series of covers.


What Is BAKFlip?

BAKFlip is the line of folding covers offered by BAK. They are typically made from aluminum frames filled with foam cores. However, some models have a slightly different construction.

All the models fold in either three or four panels towards the cab of the truck. They lock at the tailgate and provide protection from weather, sunlight, theft and more. All models can support a reasonable amount of weight. So, if you live in a snowy area, your truck bed should be protected.


What Are the Main BAKFlip Models?

There are five models sold under the BAKFlip series. These are the key facts about each one:

  • MX4: The BAKFlip MX4 is one of the most popular items sold by BAK. It has a dual-action tailgate lock that allows you to open and close the tailgate even when the cover is shut. Plus, it is made from premium materials including high-density foam.
  • G2: The BAK BAKFlip G2 hard folding tonneau cover is the best-selling model on the market. It offers everything you could want from a tonneau cover. While it has fewer features than the MX4, the G2 won’t let you down.
  • F1: This design includes a fiberglass-reinforced polymer top. This helps to make it extremely durable without increasing weight. This is one of the toughest models on the market.
  • Fibermax: This is another fiberglass design. It has some added features such as built-in rubber bumpers. It is even approved for driving with the tonneau cover open (very rare).
  • CS: This cover is designed for contractor use. It has a special rack system that improves the utility of the bed. It can even carry 500 pounds of weight on top. The CS-F1 is an upgraded version with FRP construction.


How Do You Choose?

Choosing between each of these tonneau covers can be a little challenging. The good news is that they are all excellent. So, you will be happy with your choice no matter what.

If you are looking for a work-ready option, pick with the CS or the CS-F1. These are designed to be easy to use for contractors and others who are primarily using their trucks for work.

For more casual use, the MX4 has the most features. However, the F1 and Fibermax can offer better durability. Consider how much of a beating you expect your tonneau cover to take. Of course, you can always opt for old-reliable, the G2.


Learn More

Discover more about BAKFlip tonneau covers today. These are excellent items that will surely perform up to your needs. When you accessorize your truck well, you will be ready to take on everything life throws at you. Plus, you will enjoy the truck ownership experience even more. So, get started shopping for your next truck bed cover.

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