5 Hats to Wear During the Winter Months

Your winter hat can be much more than a means to keep your head warm. They can be a great accessory, fashion statement, and more! There are many different types of hats you can wear to look great and keep your head warm!


One of the most popular winter hats is the beanie or toque. You can find them just about anywhere with clever slogans or logos, but there are always simple options as well. Get one in your favorite color! Beanies are great for all walks of life, and they are especially great at keeping unruly or frizzy cold-weather hair in check.

Pull it down over your ears to keep them warm or slouch it up – it all depends on what you prefer! Beanies are easy to use and look great on everyone. You can leave the top as it is or add a colorful, fuzzy pom or another topper to showcase your personality. These hats can be made of fleece or crocheted, but the most versatile beanies are knitted.

Knit Hats

Knit hats

Not all knit hats are beanies. Knitting is a diverse art, so of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to knitting hats. You can learn to knit your own or purchase one from an artisan. Handmade knit hats are warm, cozy, and they can be a great way to show off your personality while supporting small businesses! 

Even if you don’t commission a unique knit hat, there are plenty of hats available across online retailers, big box stores, and more. Beautiful stitch patterns, a cozy aesthetic, and more make knit hats a great option for those cold winter months. Make sure to get one that is long enough to cover your ears!

Trapper Hats

Trapper hats are not just for trappers anymore! These popular hats include flaps that come down to cover your ears, making them perfect for extremely cold climates. The inside of a trapper hat is usually lined with fur or Sherpa. The outside can be patterned however you like, with waterproof material, a knit pattern, or more! It’s a great way to keep warm and show off your unique personality.

Trapper hats are extremely warm. A cornerstone of the trapper hat style is to include a chin strap so that the ear flaps stay in place. When you use the chin strap, the cold air can’t get to your ears! They’re stylish and work very well in colder places where snow and ice are normal during the winter months.

Fur Hats

FFur hats are a bit rarer, but they can still be stylish. Fur hats are furry all over – on the inside and out, making them a great accessory and a warm winter hats for women especially. These hats are based on the classic Russian design and can be great in very cold climates. 

The best thing about fur hats is that you can choose to purchase a synthetic fur hat instead of a genuine fur version. You can choose whichever type of fur hat lines up with your ethics if you choose!

Fashion Hats

Some winter hats are stylish instead of warm. These hats can nevertheless pair well with your business casual outfits, fancier looks, and more. Some hats in this category include:

  • Wool Ranchers. These ranch hats with wide brims are available in so many different colors and styles!
  • Fedoras. The classic dress hat still looks great paired with your favorite peacoat! 
  • Berets. These French-inspired hats make a great accessory for any look.
  • Bucket hats. Bucket hats are warm and look great with your heavy winter coat. 
  • Slouch hats. These hats make a casual statement when paired with a coat, hooded sweatshirt, or just about anything else!
  • And more!

No matter what style you choose, these hats are sure to look great when you need to look great and stay warm for the winter. 


There are a variety of hats you can wear when the weather gets cold! Choose a functional hat, but don’t forget to choose one that looks great as well! There are so many options that you are sure to find the perfect hat for you! 


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