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Why Winter Is My Favorite Season

Warm Nights by the Fire

One of my favorite things about winter is using the fireplace. I get to curl up with a good book and enjoy the heat of the fire!

There’s something so refreshing about the crisp air, the blazing warmth, and the snug PJs; you just can’t have the same experience during any other season. Plus, fireplaces offer cozy shelter from any freak blizzards that may pop up without warning!

In the winter, I especially enjoy late evenings right next to the fireplace. I like to snuggle up with a big blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, and a great movie or TV show. What a perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day!

Everyone Is in a Great Mood

Winter brings along a wonderfully convivial atmosphere. Everyone is in a good mood, which makes me even happier! I think that this is because of Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays that take place during this time of year. At the office, my coworkers seem much more joyous, and are often quite talkative and fun to be around.

The holiday season is my favorite time of year, and I love celebrating with friends and family!

The Snow and the Cold Weather Are the Best

Believe it or not, I love winter’s colder temperatures. I especially adore the snow and the many hours I get to spend outside—I love getting bundled up with a warm jacket and scarf. Call me childish, but I also like to build snowmen and go sledding down steep hills. Unlike many other people, I spend the majority of the winter months outdoors, and cherish every moment! 

As much as I enjoy the outdoors, though, I love spending time with my family even more. Making memories with them is something that I always look forward to, and I never take the time we have for granted. It’s great to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with the people I can’t live without. This year, my family and I are taking a few trips up to the mountains and spending our weekends exploring!

What’s more, thanks to the cold, snowy weather, other people are indoors more, which gives me the perfect opportunity to get the facelift I’ve wanted. My family has been supportive of my decision, so I can’t wait to surprise them all with a healthier, more youthful appearance!

Going Up the Mountains

Another wonderful winter activity is going up to the mountains. It has been a few years since I’ve taken a hiking trip, but this winter, I’m going to take my closest relatives with me. There’s so much to do up high: skiing, sledding, and simply exploring!

It’ll be great to leave the house and get some exercise, all while enjoying the gorgeous weather. There’s also a cabin at the summit of one of the mountains, and I’m a big fan of the hot chocolate they serve up there! It’s always perfectly warm and has tons of marshmallows. They even add a healthy dollop of whipped cream!

Winter Attire Is the Best

The cold and snow bring some of my favorite clothing options: sweaters and cardigans! Having so many different styles and colors makes it easy to pair my favorite tops with jeans, leggings, and pants. The outfits are usually bulkier, too, so I can eat big meals without getting dirty glances! Plus, dressing in layers means that I can take off the outermost layer when I’m too hot and put it back on when I’m too cold. So many choices!

Delicious, Spiced Seasonal Drinks

I love the winter season because of all the delicious drinks. There’s hot cocoa; there are eggnog lattes; there are apple and pumpkin ciders; and there are all sorts of hot, spiced drinks that are sure to keep you warm! Some of my favorite drinks from Starbucks can be found around this time, like peppermint mocha. I can’t wait to try something fresh and delicious every day!


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