The Secret to Nailing The Rock Chick Look

The Secret to Nailing The Rock Chick Look

The rock chick look spans different decades and a whole range of different styles, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a timeless look that isn’t going anywhere any time soon! In recent years we’ve seen rock chic, grunge and gothic looks walking down the runway, not to mention that this look has been popularised by celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Taylor Momsen, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga.

There are different rock chick looks that you can adopt, some more extreme than others. So, if you’re hoping to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe this year, we’ve got the style guide for you. Below we’ll look at the staple items you need to achieve that rock chick look. Read on to find out more. 


Leather jacket

The Secret to Nailing The Rock Chick Look

No rock chick ever leaves the house without her trusty leather jacket! Whether you choose something cropped, oversized, studded or sleeveless, a leather jacket (also called a biker jacket) is an absolute staple for your wardrobe. Usually, these are black as this appeals more to the rock look and is also a very versatile colour. That said, you can also get these in cream or red if you’re feeling a bit more daring. 


Black jeans

A staple part of your wardrobe needs to be your black skinny jeans. Whether you choose washed, ripped, studded or zipped – these will definitely become your go-to for achieving a rock chick look. Black jeans are naturally slimming, but if you also choose a good pair of ankle grazers you can show of your rocking footwear too! 


Studded boots

You can’t rock out without a sturdy pair of studded boots to stomp around in. These will add some real edge to your look and you can choose from knee-high, ankle, flat, heeled, or wedge boots, so you’re guaranteed to find the right women’s fashion boots to suit your style. 


Canvas shoes

While studded boots are a rocking staple, you don’t always want to be walking round in heavy boots. When you want to feel more casual and light you should choose some canvas soled shoes instead. Think Converse and Vans, even better if they look like they’ve seen a few good concerts. You can choose from a whole range of styles until you find the look for you.


Band tees

Nothing epitomises the rock style like a baggy, oversized band T-shirt. And no we don’t mean your One Direction top, much as we might love them, they aren’t going to add to your rocking street credit. Think Nirvana, Kiss or The Clash – the bands we associate with rock and roll at its finest. Pair these with your skinny jeans or leggings and a pair of studded boots for an effortless rock chick look. 


Cool shades

Cool shades complete ever outfit, but when you’re trying to achieve a rock chick look these are a must-have. The perfect pair of shades are not only really practical, but they look great and go with every outfit. When it comes to choosing your edgy accessories, these need to be high up on your list.


The Secret to Nailing The Rock Chick Look


Chokers and jewellery

Another important accessory for any rock chick is a great collection of chokers. This grungy look has become popular in recent years so there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from in most high street stores. You can also finish your rocker style by adding some quirky rings, ear jackets, cuffs and statement earrings.


Plaid shirts

A flannel, plaid shirt is a staple for your rock chick wardrobe. Ideally, choose a heavy flannel fabric, but if you’re short on cash there are plenty of cheaper options out there. You can wear this in a number of ways if it’s a warmer day tie it around your waist, or you can button it all the way up and pair with some denim shorts. You can also wear it open with a band tee underneath or tuck it into your jeans.


Ripped shorts

Being a rock chick means a lot of heavy materials and dark colours, but this doesn’t mean you need to be sweating it out all summer. In the warmer months carry on your grunge look with some ripped short. These look great with a logo, print or band T-shirt and some canvas shoes, so you can look like a rocker without melting in the process! 


Grunge dresses

On a similar note, there is also a range of grunge dresses that you can wear in the summer, but also all year round. If it gets a bit chillier in the evening you can throw on your leather jacket to keep warm or perhaps wear an open flannel shirt for an extra layer. When it’s cold in the winter think black tights and boots, this will keep you looking cool and edgy. 


Dr Martens

Dr Martens boots

A popular brand for those who love the rock style, Dr Martens combat boots complete your edgy look. Also referred to as ‘Docs’ the clunky soles and heavy look makes a great juxtaposition when paired with feminine items like dresses or skirts. And though they might be slightly more expensive, they’re such good quality that they’ll last you for years! If you don’t already have a pair it’s definitely worth investing. 


Denim jackets

rock chick look

Earlier we touched on the leather biker jacket, but another perfect rock chick look is the oversized, boyfriend-fit denim jacket. Leather can make you feel quite hot and in the warmer months, this is something you want to avoid. So you can keep it cool, but also super stylish by choosing a denim jacket instead to complete your rocking style. 


Are you ready to get the rock chick look?

It’s easy to get the rock chick look when you know how to. Follow the guide above and fill your wardrobe (and shoe rack) with leather jackets, studded boots, Docs, your favourite band tees, ripped skinny jeans, plaid shirts and grungy dresses. Do that and you’ll be looking like a rock star in no time!

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