How To Prepare For Eid

If you want your Eid celebrations to be as successful as possible, it’s a good idea to start your preparations as soon as you can so that you aren’t stressed and worrying about it. 

This is also a good way to ensure that you can focus all of your energy into observing Ramadan, without having niggling worries about Eid in the back of your mind.

Starting your preparations early is also a great way to start to build excitement and anticipation, and to get your children involved and start to impress upon them the importance of this time.

Shop for the event

If you are planning to buy gifts for everyone, make sure that you get started early so that you don’t have trouble getting hold of anything. Starting early also gives you lots of time to get everything wrapped and ready so that you know it’s done and out of the way!

Gift-buying is a great activity to get your children involved with because it lets them feel part of the celebrations, and they might even have some incredibly creative ideas that you hadn’t thought of.

While you are shopping, you should also be sure to buy your Eid suits, so that you know everyone in your family has the perfect outfit to wear on the day.

Build excitement by decorating

While you are counting down the days until Eid, you can allow the excitement to build further by starting the process of decorating your home. This is another activity that it’s great to get children involved with, as they can let their creativity run free.

Eid decorations such as flowers and balloons should be planned and ordered ahead of time, but not actually put up until the last minute as otherwise they may wilt (in the case of flowers) or deflate (the balloons) and not look their best.

A truly effective idea is to theme your decorations so that they all contribute to a larger look. For example, you might try a jungle theme by making use of lots of greens and bold, bright colors; as well as incorporating plants.

Sight the new moon

On the last night of Ramadan you can observe the new moon with your family as a way of preparing for the Eid celebrations. Provided that it’s a clear night you can make an occasion of it by taking snacks and drinks outside and observing the moon together and reciting a dua.

Get a good night’s rest

You don’t want anyone to be grumpy in the morning for prayers, so be sure that everyone in the house gets to bed at a reasonable hour!

Before you go to bed make sure that everything is ready for the next day, so that when you wake up you don’t have to rush around doing anything at the last minute. 

You could even get some matching Eid pyjamas for the family to add to the sense of fun, and spend the evening getting henna done for the girls.


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