8 Gratifying Careers You Should Consider

While some may inherit businesses from their families, and some may have their choices sorted out, others are left with an aching question: what the chocolate fudge do I do next?

Choosing a career that gets your blood racing is hardly easy. A lack of proper decision-making can lead to sleepless nights, unhappiness, and, worst of all, resentment in the long run. However, you might be satisfied to know that your options are never limited to your choice of subject. For instance, if you have a graduate degree in education, it doesn’t mean your future will be confined to the classroom for the rest of your life. Other options exist as well, such as administration, counseling, etc. The trick is to know your interests, do some planning and research, and then pick something that will fuel your passion for years to come.

To help you determine which the most gratifying careers of today are, here are some highlights.

  • Social Worker

Annual salary: $50,470

Social work is quite diverse. But the primary job of social work professionals is to meet with clients to help assess their goals and needs. They advocate for the mental and physical well-being of those clients. They may even work with a couple of other professionals to create a comprehensive care plan. So if helping people overcome complex situations in life is your passion, then don’t put off your longings any longer – join the SW force. If you already have a related graduate degree, obtain an online social work masters and upskill yourself to be of greater service to others.

  • Marketing Manager

Annual salary: $67,373

Are you aware of current events and what makes people tick? Do you enjoy interacting with others? If so, then a career as a marketing manager is your calling. The job of a marketing manager entails managing a company’s brand image. You will create campaigns and plans to target specific audiences for specific products. From social media to television advertising, you could be involved in every aspect of a marketing campaign. A marketer also works with advertising and public relations firms to help launch products. Moreover, relationship skills and understanding people’s thoughts may prove a marketer’s most valuable asset.

  • Nutritionist & Dietitian

Annual salary: $62,330

Before the crescendo of “Well, actually…”, yes, we know – nutritionists and dietitians are two separate professions. Registered dietitians are licensed to give detailed diet advice and create meal plans for clients. In contrast, nutritionists can only provide general nutritional advice and cannot tell anyone what they should eat. As a result, while all dietitians are nutritionists, not all nutritionists are dietitians. On the other hand, the BLS treats them the same way, and regardless of what you call yourself, it’s a fast-growing, in-demand profession that shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

  • Technical writer

Annual salary: $57, 755

Technical writers do the grunt work – instructions, business documents, user manuals, and all of the other writing that keeps the world running. A great technical writer should have the research and technical skills to write about any topic, brand, item, or procedure. If they don’t know anything about it when they start, they’ll learn as much as a specialist by the end. A bachelor’s or master’s degree demonstrates expertise, but nothing beats experience and a portfolio of excellent work in technical writing.

  • Chef 

Annual salary: $53,380

If you already enjoy cooking for others, it’s time to make it a career. The best part is that there is no need for a college degree! Most chefs learn their trade through on-the-job training. However, training is available at a few technical schools, community colleges, culinary art schools, and four-year degree programs. You are responsible for selecting the dishes to be served, overseeing daily food preparation, and instructing the kitchen staff to handle any food-related troubles. So keep your “big-time” dreams alive because Chef Gordon Ramsay reportedly earned $63 million in 2019.

  • School Psychologist

Annual salary: $59,419

Let’s get one thing straight: school psychologists are not paid as much as psychologists with a private practice. They are, however, essential to modern education, as they provide services to help keep schools safe and healthy for both faculty and students. School psychologists assist students with mental illness or disabilities to obtain the necessary support. They counsel grieving or troubled students. They address school-wide issues such as bullying, motivation, and self-control. They are also at the forefront of crisis intervention and prevention. Moreover, individuals who want to make a difference in students’ lives as school psychologists must have a master’s or doctorate and state licensure.

  • Petroleum Engineer

Annual salary: $100,583

It’s a safe bet that any job title that includes the word “engineer” will be well-paying, particularly for the oil and gas sector. Modern life is powered by petroleum, from fuel to plastics. The specialists who have the applied scientific knowledge to optimize production, oversee drilling sites, design equipment, and implement techniques make a living. Petroleum engineers require several years of highly specialized education, and working conditions can be harsh. So ensure you are cut out for all of this!

  • Accountant

Annual salary: $73,560

Being an accountant entails more than just filing taxes. Accounting encompasses financial reporting and auditing. Working with numbers may never require you to put on a tuxedo or ball gown, but the work is fancy. If logic and organization come naturally to you, becoming a CPA may be one of the best options for the next ten years.



So there you have it, a few of the most gratifying and in-demand careers you should consider – whether after graduation or if you’re in the midst of a career change. Also, don’t just pick a job because it pays well or your parents think it’s an excellent fit for you. There are plenty of ways you can find out if your personality fits the career or not. You can take career tests for your work personality and learn about your strengths and weaknesses in a working environment. You can also determine which of these careers will do you wonders. Just remember that this is your life, and the job you’ll be choosing will have a massive impact on everything and everyone. So pick wisely.


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