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Weddings are one of the most planned celebrations of love and devotion. And any couple would want the day to be a memorable one, whether it be an intimate wedding or a grand wedding with a thousand guests.


For this reason, couples like you plan way ahead of time. By now, you may have reached out to your favorite caterer or have set an appointment with wedding props and décor suppliers. You may have freed up your weekend for that meeting with the photo booth rental buffalo NY team. And you are perusing the list of prospective wedding DJs during your coffee break. All these are keeping you busy right now, and looking for the right DJ is your current preoccupation.


It won’t be too difficult to find a good DJ if you know how to spot the best in your area. After all, the party is the culmination of the event, and DJs will play a significant role in leaving a lasting impact on the guests. This reason alone will push you to choose the best.


But how do you pick one from among the many professional DJs in your area? What positive traits and tools must he possess?


Here’s a list of 6 positive traits of a wedding DJ. We hope these will help you weed out the bad eggs and choose the best.

He values a great website

A good DJ knows that online presence is key to reaching out to potential clients. He recognizes that the worldwide web is a convenient tool for clients like you. That is why he has built a website that will help you connect with him with so much ease.


He is aware that as a user, you want ready information. With just a few clicks, clients like you will see standard rates for Djing. You will readily see his location and the areas he operates in. A DJ who built his website with you in mind will make an effort to show reviews about him, good or bad. And when he gets a query from you, he is quick to respond professionally. If he responds without delay, it shows how he cares about his clients and values professionalism.

He has ready answers to all your questions   

Your DJ must not scrimp on the details when you are discussing expectations. He will not hesitate to discuss your every little concern like the number of speakers he will bring, the music to be played for every phase of the party, the length of time for DJing, the charges for overtime, and information about his subs in case he can’t make it. He knows that as a client, you want to be clear about these things. No matter how detailed your discussion is, he displays patience in answering all your queries. He wants to make sure that everything gets laid on the table.   

He is Mr. Punctuality

How will you know if a DJ will come on time to your wedding party? One of the best ways to find out is through reviews. Check out if there are past clients who raised some issues about punctuality. If you got to know him from a friend or colleague, ask that person about the DJ. Ask details about how he prepared for the party. Did he come on time to do some tests? Were his assistants on time as well? Was he prepared with his playlist when some guests came in a bit too early?


You can also take some cues about his punctuality during your meeting with him. Feel free to ask questions about his proposed itinerary on the day of your wedding. He should be able to discuss with you the Djing activities he has laid out on that day.

He always has a plan B 

When he talks to you, he will tell you how he will adjust to situations that aren’t expected but may still arise. For instance, when guests aren’t ready to leave because they are having a great time, he will tell you upfront about overtime and the costs that come with it. You must be aware of this issue in advance because it is so unpleasant to deal with it when guests are within hearing distance.


When equipment fails, he will have a sub or backup gadgets and tools to save the day. Your DJ is always prepared, but the venue staff may somehow overlook seemingly minor issues. A DJ will do his best to make sure that he gets updated. He will check again before coming over to the venue if he needs to bring extras like power bars, cables, and tables.


And when he suddenly figures in an emergency (a very low probability, but may happen nevertheless), he must tell you who in his team will take over. In short, he has covered all possible issues and events which are extraordinary and atypical but may still crop up.


He is a wedding music expert

A wedding DJ knows anything and everything about DJing. He doesn’t appear half-baked. He is an expert in all facets of DJing. His job is to entertain through his well-selected music. He plays by ear. He knows what the crowd (your guests) want to hear. A great DJ is so familiar with the different music genres. He knows how to mix songs so well that they sound so seamless. When he transitions from one music to another, he does it smoothly. When it is time to wind down, he will know what to play.


On the other hand, he knows from experience which songs are unpopular among wedding guests. He also knows which music is inappropriate. While his ideas about the types of music to play have been tried and tested, he encourages you to share your thoughts. He is open to incorporating the music genre you wish to hear. 

His social skills are up-to-par 

DJs are supposed to carry a certain charm that draws people to them. He must have a personality that can influence and motivate people. These two qualities are necessary because DJs rouse a crowd and are supposed to lead guests to the dance floor. He must get the attention of guests when talking to them. He has a strong presence. Everyone pays attention when he is announcing a toast or when moving on to another activity.


He should be skilled in diplomacy. There may be guests who get tipsy during the night. They could make some moves that could annoy or disturb the DJ. A professional DJ from the wedding DJ buffalo ny must be able to handle the situation. He is not affected by possible insults because he knows these are unintended. So a good DJ will stay calm (and kind) when dealing with these types of guests who have become annoying. He has mastered the art of diplomacy on the dance floor. Also, he knows his place. He will talk when it is time and will give the floor to the couple and his guests when it is their time to shine. But he stays in the foreground to make sure there’s subtle music playing.


Control panel DJ

It is easy to spot a DJ who will make your wedding party a success. He has to be punctual, an expert in his field, diplomatic, well-liked, and flexible. These critical attributes of a professional wedding DJ will guide you in your search for one. If these are present in the equation and you are happy with his package, better book him before someone else does.

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