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How to Plan Your Move from Your Parent’s Home in 2020

If you’ve been working hard all year to save the cash to move out of your parent’s home, the moment that you find a property that you feel you can afford to rent is both exciting and daunting. You’re used to living at home, either at the conclusion of your college or university career or since you finished high school. But making the move to a new property is thrilling and allows you to take another step towards full autonomy and independence. Here are some tips to help ease that move.

Tell Your Family

If this is your first move, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. Moving to a new place is notoriously difficult, and involves lots of planning, organization, and moving parts. If you’re able to rope in your parents for any part of it, you’ll be grateful for their help, even if it’s just helping you carry your things into your new apartment or home. Tell your friends, too, as they might be able to free themselves up for an afternoon to help you with your move.

Your Possessions

Littered all over the home — including in the attic and across the floor of your bedroom — are your possessions. These are the things that you will want to take with you, or your parents will want out of the house when you eventually make your big move. Packing these up and preparing to take them with you, or put certain boxes into storage, can take over a week of organizing. Remember that you can search for storage units near me to temporarily store your possessions or to put them in storage for the long term, too. 

The Big Day

With the big day of the move fast approaching, you need to make a water-tight plan so that you’re able to move everything from one home to another without a hitch and without stressing on the day. This involves thinking about labor, transportation, and logistics. When will you be collecting the key to your new home, for instance, and from where? Who will be helping you with your things, and how long do you have their services? You can rent a handyman or someone with a larger vehicle to help you in your move, but this should also be done weeks ahead of time.


Finally, while your move will feel like a flurry of physical activity, it’s important to remember that it’s also a financial shift that you’ll be making as you travel with your things towards your new home. In the weeks preceding your move, you should keep an eye on your bank account, budgeting for all the new fees and bills you’re going to be paying when you’re living elsewhere. Making a savings pot is a wise move at this point, to help tide you over if you run out of money during your first couple of months in your new home.

Plan your exciting move from your parents’ home with the tips helpfully outlined above. 


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