Video games and movies are a good form of recreation; goes without saying. They are feasible, easy to supervise and give your kids a chance to learn new things and involve in mental exercise as well.  

So, you are satisfied that their entertainment is productive and conducive to well-being. I am afraid that is not the only reality to it. Where we find the necessary and healthy for a child’s growth, they are causing double the damage. Particularly, when not controlled and when they replace the activities that could be more wholesome and conducive. 

For example, what used to be a picnic day in the past is now replaced with a movie night. The time that used to be spent exploring nature is now replaced with charming digital activities. Our kids are so used to living in their cell phone’s world that they do not come out of it even when they are meant to be enjoying the picnic. I believe we are at a real loss. 

If you want your kids to be exposed to a better learning experience, you have to maintain a balance between their interactions with nature and devices. Using an apps, you can make their picnics distraction-free and safe even when they are exploring alone. 

Learning and Growing with Nature

Nature not only provides you freedom of mind and soul to think freely, but it also provides an amazing learning experience and improves developmental skills. When I said woods in the title, it was another word for nature. And you can take it literally too. Whether it is a park or a small forest, you get a wholesome picture of nature and its creatures. For example, you will find, flowers, a variety of plants, butterflies, and other insects, a clear view of the sky, fresh light reflecting through the cheeks of your moppets, fresh air, a space to run with your kids, and whatnot.

It is, in short, a robust and lively experience is what it offers. Comparing indoor digital activities to them, you do not get even a fifty percent learning opportunity. 

Creativity and Productivity

Research has proved that kids are more creative and productive when they are in natural settings. They are involved in more creative games and are more participative as compared to other settings. Also, it increases their capacity to grow and develop new skills. Researcher Kellert says it enhances their creativity and problem-solving skills. As the child directly interacts with nature, she can better understand the natural processes. You can explain to them how the plants grow and make them feel the texture of flowers. It will make them broaden the horizon of thinking. Thus, their intellectual development will also be better than those who do not have such experiences in childhood.

Effects on Mood

Well, that’s not all. It casts a significant positive effect on the mood and mental health of a child. From increasing happiness to reducing stress and anxiety, it has all good and no bad effects on the well-being of a person. It can also help with the tantrums that kids often have at a particular age. The best example is that it is part of therapy for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, recommended by some therapists. 

Social Interactions and Academic Performance 

If you are worried about your kids’ academic performance, there is a high need that you check their routine. Reducing their digital hours and increasing their outdoor activities, particularly their exposure to nature, can enhance their concentration and performance in school. Moreover, they are better able to form social relationships as they know how to connect.   

Have Richer Experiences with Parental Control App

When you go out on a small trip or a picnic, you have to allow your child to explore independently at some moments. At the same time, you are afraid that they will lose your sight. Also, you have to make sure, they are not sitting in a corner to satisfy their craving to play a video game. Well, a parental control app will serve the best in this regard. Not only you can follow their location and put virtual boundaries around dangerous places but also, you can block the gaming apps or overall device for that time. 


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