Comfortable, stylish and Versatile: Top trending leggings!

Lovely ladies, I know we just want to look our best all the time and don’t want to miss on the comfort too. Yes, you know what I mean, something that lets us sit, walk, talk without distraction yet makes us look like we have owned the look. Something that is classy yet comfy. Something to reach out to during any day and any time, be it a night, day, or morning. Something that just fits our skin so well that we don’t have our attention divided into taking care of it. The answer to such clothing is leggings. Leggings have been a real saver when it comes to pairing with something fancy, power dressing, traveling, workout, or just casual lounging. It is the lookup to clothing that women prefer to choose over a few other things.

Well,  we all know that leggings have an ample variety depending on their length, pattern, fabric, and designs. So let’s see what are the most popular and trending patterns or fits in these leggings:


      1.Stacked leggings:

Well, call these a savage when it comes to dressing up. Stacked leggings go really well for any occasion be it party, workout, dine out, or a normal casual outing. Those ruffled bottoms give a good feel and level up the fashion game.  It’s like your own comfort zone in fashion with all that style check. Given a twist in the usual monotonous and plain pattern, these stacked leggings give a good feel to the person wearing it and even the viewer. 

Talking about the recent trends, Stacked leggings has really come up in the list of must-haves in our wardrobe. Brining that perfect blend of fashion and comfort has made it top the list of trends. So, any season, summer, autumn, winter, or monsoon these leggings are a must for ladies. 

      2.Ripped leggings or the cut- pattern leggings:

Fashion never goes out of style when it comes to the ripped pattern of leggings or jeans. These have come a long way and still are a trendsetter for that different yet playful and punk feel. Ripped leggings look really eye catchy and young. Try it out!



These treggings has made a good trend in the world of Styling. They are the most comfortable and classy for office goers and corporate women. They are new and trendy in the industry but have shown good reviews when it comes to pairing them with a nice shirt. It is that perfect and comfy formal look achieved when you have a nice pair of Treggings in your wardrobe.


        4.Faux- leather leggings:

Ladies, do you wish to look drop-dead gorgeous. Well we know, you do not wish to compromise your comfort, therefore a pair of Faux leather leggings will do justice to your look. It is chic and hot. Just perfect for winter too, as it keeps the torso warm. Faux- leather leggings are damn comfortable to wear and easy to put on. No fighting with yourself while wearing them, yay we get you. This trend will never go out of fashion, trust me it’s a must-have!


        5. Glitter leggings:


The perfect look for a party-ready you, flaunting your curves and at the same time looking glamorous and standing out of the crowd. Well, try out a pair of glitter leggings to fulfill the requirement. These are available in high waist and low waist patterns with all fancy colors. Trending and elegant!


Fashion is not just pairing up things, it’s a vibe. With it comes confidence and a feeling of satisfaction. This confidence is achieved by being comfortable with what you are wearing. So adding leggings to your wardrobe is a witty decision. There is a vast variety of leggings available in the market, look for which ones suit you the best and go for it, trust me you will never regret it.


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