How Vanity Mirrors Can Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine

How Vanity Mirrors Can Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine

Mirrors are an extraordinary piece that can be used almost in every room. They enhance the lighting, improve the decoration, and can be a functional piece with a luxurious look. But forget the idea of a traditional simple mirror on the wall, those times are gone! Nowadays, LED vanity mirrors, also known as Hollywood mirrors, are trending and they have a lot of demand on modern or classic decoration due to their bulb lights. When I think about these mirrors I see luxury, elegance, and grace and I hope you also see that!

Vanity mirrors give the vibe of the backstage Hollywood studio where actresses and models get ready to take the stage as the better version of themselves and who doesn’t want to have one in their houses?

Well, I want, to be honest!

The feeling of extravagance right in the morning can be extremely decisive to embrace the day with positive vibes. 

Currently, there are some types of LED vanity mirrors on the market that I would like to introduce to you.

They can be classic or modern ones, but they are actually divided into the tabletop and wall-mounted ranges.

Wall-mounted ones are perfect if you have the right space, as they offer great visibility, mainly because they are big, bright, and beautiful!

You can choose one of these with traditional bulbs incorporated to give it a more polished and shiny look.

The other type is tabletop pieces, which are a perfect portable version while still being elegant and unique as the bigger ones.

Tabletop vanities have some amazing features, so it’s not that surprising that they are the most loved ones.

These features, among others, include the ability to connect your phone to listen to awesome music or to control the intensity of the lights!

As you can see, the choice is totally yours regarding the type of this decorative piece, so just evaluate the space and make the investment – trust me, you will not be disappointed!


Overall Benefits

Now that you already know what kind of mirror is perfect for you, there are a lot of things that I haven’t talked about yet, such as the advantages and benefits.

So, lighted mirrors are the perfect element to create a sleek interior, either placed in your bathroom or in your room, above some desk.

The truth is that they can actually be placed anywhere, automatically changing the room because of their statement and the amazing piece they already are, so the effort is less when it comes to decorating the place.

Designers even say that these types of mirrors are cheap aesthetics.

If you are already convinced, take a look at this list for the best vanity mirrors on the market! 

Some overall benefits of this investment include quality lighting, anti-fog features, and energy saving.

Quality lighting comes from a variety of different color temperature LEDs, reproducing any type of environment, such as natural sunlight!

Anti-fog system is perfect for the bathroom because it allows you to take hot showers and somehow still see yourself after without needing to wipe it, isn’t that amazing?

Energy savings derive from the use of LED and not other types of expensive lighting bulbs.

I don’t know about you, but I already want one of these in every room of my house.

With all that said, there are a lot of things you must consider first before buying vanity mirrors, such as their characteristics as a mirror-like its features, size, and style.

LED vanity mirrors are also an ally in creating a daily routine, such as skin care, makeup, or getting your hair done!

Creating a routine is key when it comes to improving your appearance for your job, school, or any other activity. I know when the alarm goes off it can cause mixed feelings because it is the sign of a new day, especially when you’re still tired from the day before.

That’s why your morning routines need to be perfected to every single detail, in order to give you the strength to get out of bed and be fashionable throughout the day!

Still, on the subject of routines, makeup ones are also very important to get the extra boost of confidence and to feel pretty starting the day, but as I already said, they need to be efficient, adequate and adapted to yourself.

And what is the most important part of a makeup routine? That’s right, a vanity mirror! That’s why I will explain to you how this common piece will transform every day of your life:


We Need to Talk About Light

Yes, I know that you already are aware of the benefits of having a lighted mirror but maybe what you don’t know is what happens when you don’t have one and try to perfect your makeup.

So, having bad lighting can create doubt of your own makeup skills, but no – the problem is not you, it’s a yellow light, a fluorescent one, or even a downlighting one.

The area where you apply your makeup may not have the best conditions, like a warm and natural light, but those days are over because you can easily overcome those lighting issues by buying a quality vanity mirror!


How Vanity Mirrors Can Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine


Ready For a Close-Up?

When installing this type of mirror, make sure the illumination crosses your whole face because you need to see every pore of your beautiful complexion.

Your makeup outcome is the result of the precision you have, which is determined by how much attention you’re paying to every eyebrow hair when you’re filling it, or the amount of bronzer you’re applying, or even how you’re applying mascara, by not leaving eyelashes all stuck to each other.

You already chose a mirror with magnification?

Even better!

These features of vanity mirrors will also ease the work of blending and buffing, so you can reach that Instagram look, effortlessly!

It’s easy to create five minutes routine with the best products and tools, but if you don’t see exactly where you’re putting the shadows, the foundation or the blush, it can be a total disaster!

Can you imagine?

Better not take the risk!


How Do I Look? Beautiful!

You know all about perfect lighting, how details matter, as you’re ready to put some makeup on!

But now what?

Well, the best part of having a beautiful mirror in front of you is to check if you’re ready to take the day on.

Seeing the beautiful art that is wearing makeup on your face will also grow your self-esteem and with that comes the beautiful experience of taking a little bit of the day to yourself and to self-check on the mirror how pretty you are!

This is extremely important, as it reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and even increases life satisfaction which consequently leads to more focus and productivity.

That’s how important it is just the act of putting makeup under a well-lighted mirror!


Make (Up) Your Life Easier

Finding the beauty in ourselves, inside or outside, can never stop!

We should accept how we are but also how we need to keep improving what we can actually change to feel good and amazing, in the end.

Baby steps are also steps in the right direction so keep in mind that buying a mirror can change your makeup routine, which leads to better makeup routines, which can create an impact that changes your day!

You see where I’m going, right?

Never settle, however never forget that good things are going to happen, especially if you have a vanity mirror!

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