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The 5 Best Relationship Advice Tips According To Experts


We all want our relationship to be the best it can be. But with the amount of literature out there on how to establish and maintain a healthy connection with our partners, it’s hard to know which advice to follow. Luckily for you, we dove deep into the corners of the internet to find you the 5 best relationship advice tips to live your best life with your partner – according to experts.


1. You can only control yourself

We cannot change anyone but ourselves. If the biggest problem in your relationship is communication: be a better communicator. If you want more intimacy: shower your partner with cuddles and kisses. Analyzing your behavior before pointing fingers is essential to ease tensions in your relationship.


2. Sometimes, all you need to do is HALT

When your emotional resources are low, we don’t have the energy to talk about things reasonably with your partner. To be a better communicator, turn to HALT: Hungry, Anxious/Angry, Lonely, Tired – and acronym meant to help you determine when to have big conversations. If you’re feeling any of the above, it’s probably best to relax and remain quiet. Trust us, when you approach your partner calmly, you will emerge with a good outcome.


3. Be each other’s biggest fan

Supporting each other is an important part of a healthy and happy relationship – after all, your partner should be your #1 fan. You have all the capabilities to carve the best version of your partner and vise versa. Comfort them, laugh at their jokes, reassure them of your love, and be there for them whenever they need you. 


4. Set healthy boundaries

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing – which is why you need boundaries. Tell your partner what you need as well as what you’re comfortable with, and encourage them to do the same. A relationship without boundaries can result in endless arguments and hurt feelings. 


5. Cultivate mutual trust and respect

Trust should be the foundation of your relationship. If you don’t have a good structure, fortify it with effective communication and acts of kindness. If you already have it, continue to respect it by being open and honest with each other EVERY DAY. When you breach trust, it can be really hard to rebuild it. 

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