Should You Disagree with the Suggestion of Your Interior Designer?


When you hire an interior designer, you’re taking a step in the right direction. It’s great to have someone who understands how things work. You can also work with a well-connected person who can help reduce the cost after negotiating with suppliers. If you have an interior designer by your side, you can get things done quickly. You only have to decide about certain details, and nothing else.

Since you’re working with an expert in design, you will feel more confident about the results. There might be times, though, when you disagree with your designer. You don’t seem to like the ideas, and you have something else in mind. You hesitate to disagree because you’re not the expert. Should you pursue what you want or allow the designer to carry on? 

Have an open line of communication 

It needs to be clear from the start that you need to have an open line of communication. It will be easier to discuss the details if you can freely talk with your designer. Of course, you have to establish respect and boundaries. You know that the designer still has more knowledge about the elements of interior design. Similarly, the designer understands that you’re the client, and you have to make the decisions. 

With a clear line of communication, you can suggest ideas to each other and discuss some details without offending anyone. You can also freely disagree about some details. You maintain a professional relationship. While talking, your designer will understand your perspective better. You might also feel enlightened with the point of view of your designer after a conversation. You will realize that those suggestions make sense, both aesthetically and practically.


You can still pursue what you want


The good thing about interior designers is that they understand that you’re the client and your ideas will prevail. You can pursue whatever you want in the end, and the designer will respect it. As long as you say things politely, it’s not a problem. You also have to explain why you want to stick to your ideas. 


Price is a consideration 

It would help if you also considered that designers insist on specific ideas because of the price. They don’t want you to go beyond the budget. If you insist on what you want and it’s more expensive, you should be willing to shoulder the cost. For instance, if you want a new tub that you found at, and the quality is good and it fits your house, you should insist on buying one. 


It will be a smooth process

If you understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, you won’t have a problem. Even if there are disagreements, they won’t be a huge problem. You can resolve the issues and move forward. 

The best way to avoid having issues is by knowing your designer well before you start working. Make sure you agree with the price details. Your attitudes should also match. You can prevent potential issues if you talk to each other often. You can also sign agreements even before you begin working to avoid having major problems in the process. The house will look perfect in no time.

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