Great Photo Book Theme Ideas 

When you are putting together a photo book that encapsulates a lot of your memories and is a document that you can take pleasure in for years to come, you need to ensure that you are creating something that is going to look and feel as good as possible. A big part of this comes down to the theme that you create for it. Of course, there are all sorts of different possible themes that you could choose from, but here are some of the potential ideas that could work out well. 

Anniversary Album 

An anniversary album for a couple can come in a number of different formats. It may be that you would simply like to capture the year behind you in the best light possible. This is particularly nice in a new relationship or one in which a special year has taken place. Alternatively, you may make your Blurb photo book based on a look back at all the years that have gone by to show just how far you have come together.

‘On this Day’ Album 

As more and more photos are being taken and recorded in an online archive, it may well be the case that an album that goes back in time from the present day and takes some photos from the same date each year is one that really makes you think. This works well in many ways as it will show you how much has changed and can really make you reminisce about the good times you have had. 

Family History Book 

If you are trying to create the type of album that is a real historical document that can last for years to come, a family history book is a great choice. As well as the old black and white photos that you may well have access to, it is also the case that you could be able to incorporate one or two other interesting documents within it, such as birth and marriage certificates, old invitations, any commendations that have been received, etc. 

Wedding Guestbooks 

Sometimes, it is not only the wedding photographer who has access to all the photos created during the special day. You can ask for contributions from all of your different guests, and you will be able to see the day from their perspective. Not only this, but you may have asked them to take photos in a booth or on disposable cameras that you are able to compile together. 

Travel Photo Book

Obviously, this is the kind of theme that has been done repeatedly, but this does not mean that you cannot make it interesting. It may be all the photos of a particular place that you have visited time and time again over the years. Alternatively, you may want to encapsulate that trip of a lifetime that you took. 

All of these photo book ideas are certainly great ways that you can organize your treasured memories into something special and memorable.


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