Cluster Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Beautician's Cheatsheet

Cluster Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Beautician’s Cheatsheet

Novice masters often wonder why it takes them a lot more time than experienced cluster eyelash extensions makers. Find out how to speed up cluster eyelash extensions and what`s the thief of your time in this article. 


Why is it important to reduce cluster eyelash extensions?

As you know, time is money.

By increasing the speed of work you can:

  • increase the number of customers per day if you are physically ready for this;
  • to keep regular customers and attract new ones, thanks to its advantages;
  • to provide comfort to a client who is really hard to lie still for a long time;
  • free up time for yourself without losing income – family, hobbies, friends, sports, travel.

Use the free time to promote your personal brand (process photos, maintain your pages on social networks, record videos, communicate with customers, write content, advertise the service).

Introduce an additional service, for example, makeup, dyeing, and modelling of eyebrows, eyelash dyeing, additional care.

The speed of work is influenced by many factors, from the individual characteristics of temperament to room temperature.

Of course, the experience remains the most important factor.

Naturally, novice cluster eyelash extensions makers still feel insecure, work carefully and slowly, so the procedure takes longer.

Adaptation takes different time for everyone – some masters get steady experience in a month of intensive practice and are ready to accelerate, others need about a year.

The positioning of the hand and fingers, as it is more convenient to hold tweezers – these subtleties of the profession of a cluster eyelash extensions maker are taught in courses and fixed there in practice.

Experience is not measured correctly in years but in the number of customers.

Beginners can be advised to worry less about speed, and just do their job qualitatively.

Do not let unnecessary worries lower your concentration.

And the new equipment, even by experienced craftsmen, at first takes longer.

Of course, the quality of materials plays a huge role, so buy only proven professional materials for cluster eyelash extensions.


11 ways to speed up the process of cluster eyelash extension


1. High-speed cluster eyelash extensions courses.

High-speed cluster eyelash extensions courses.

If you have completed training and managed to practice on models – you can learn from professional trainers.

Take courses where you quickly and intelligibly work out all aspects and learn how to grow eyelashes faster without losing quality.


2. Optimize your workplace and space.

A convenient workplace and clothes are a factor that determines the speed of the master.

It is necessary to correctly position the materials and accessories in the area of the outstretched arm so that you can quickly get the necessary item.

It is best to determine a permanent place for each material, then you will not waste time searching for it and you can practice until it becomes automatic.

You can buy a special cluster eyelash extensions maker organizer, which provides several compartments for pallets, jars, patches, accessories, etc.

Wear comfortable non-binding clothing, shoes, and clump your hair so that they do not interfere with your vision.

Choose the right chair and couch with height adjustment.

Use comfortable non-flickering lighting, better – an LED lamp with a cold or neutral light, which is attached to the workplace.

Prepare immediately the second tweezers, in case the first one falls or if it needs to be cleaned of glue.

Steel tweezers heat up after an hour of operation and grab hairs worse, so the second working tool is extremely important.

Position the client comfortably and make sure that the pillow does not interfere with your position relative to the client’s face.

If the height of the pillow interferes with the view of the ciliary row, use a smaller pillow or remove it altogether.

Properly distribute the distance between the eye, glue, and tape.

Having fixed your hand in the working position, you can take the eyelash without unnecessary movements, immediately dip it in glue and glue it quickly. If a drop of glue is far away, you will have to make another move.

To track time, set the watch in front of your eyes.


3. Optimize the time of interaction with the client.

Devote 5-10 minutes to the client’s meeting and control this time.

Make a rule to keep notes on the client, noting the individual characteristics, past experience, what glue was used, preferences.

This will allow you to prepare the necessary materials in advance and not waste time on repeated questions.

Offer the visitor water, visit the toilet, put the phone in silent mode, and remind you how long the procedure takes.

Try to ensure a comfortable stay for the client and prepare in advance a warm blanket, the orthopaedic roller under the knees.

If pleasant relaxing music does not bother you – prepare a musical background and adjust the volume.

An excellent solution would be to buy inexpensive disposable headphones and offer the client to listen to an audiobook.

Ideally, when the salon administrator helps you instruct and prepare the visitor, identifies needs, asks questions about past procedures, talks about how the procedure goes and how long it takes, signs a contract, and is responsible for the hygiene stages – washing, toilet.

In order not to repeat the important rules for the care of eyelashes at home – prepare and print a memo in advance, which the client will take with him.


4. Remove distractions.

Turn on silent mode in your phone, do not answer calls and messages. Turn off the TV if it distracts you.

Warn in advance that you work silently, as facial expressions, blinking, and gesturing lead to the displacement of the substrates, inaccurate placement of the beam, and can also lead to more serious complications, such as a chemical burn with glue vapour.

When talking, it’s easy to get distracted and lose speed.


5. Control movements and speed up the intermediate steps.

Cluster Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Beautician's Cheatsheet

Novice masters strive for excellence and can spend a lot of time preparing for building up and glueing hydrogel patches.

Do not try to do everything perfectly the first time and do not get hung up on this process – patches are easy to fix in the process, the quality of work will not be affected.

The same applies to comb eyelashes – you do not need to comb them endlessly and admire your work, just comb them after completion.

To parasitic movements also include: checking for glueing, checking transitions using a mirror, long cleaning tweezers.


6. Pick the right glue.

Slow glue slows down the building process, as it provokes bonding, so do not delay the work with glue for beginners and switch to the drug with a quick coupler as soon as you feel more confident.

Experienced craftsmen advise beginners to switch to glue with a coupling speed of 1-2 seconds after a month of practice.


7. Engage both hands.

Working simultaneously with two eyes is faster than separately, first one eye, then the other.

Although it is worth saying that some of the masters prefer the “book” technique, and thus brought the process almost to automatism.

Performing the extension, in turn, it is convenient to draw a diagram on the isolation of the lower eyelashes – this will help not to be distracted by determining the length in the segment.

Remember to draw guides from the outside corners.

An additional plus is the simultaneous cluster eyelash extension of both eyes – in case of force majeure, the client will be able to leave with unfinished work, the cilia will be symmetrical and look aesthetically attractive.


Cluster Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Beautician's Cheatsheet


8. Learn to work with two tweezers.

Working immediately with two tweezers – straight and curved, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to find a natural eyelash.

Do not look for the ideal – it is a waste of time.


9. Start with difficult areas.

Experienced craftsmen recommend starting work with those areas that cause you more difficulties, for example, the inner or outer corners of the eyelids.

Choose a convenient sequence of building for yourself and follow it in the process.


10. Provide a climate in the office.

In advance, ensure the correct climate for the glue so that it does not disappoint you at a crucial moment.

Put a hydrometer and a thermometer in your office in front of your eyes to monitor the optimal parameters and adjust them during the procedure.

Ventilate the cabinet between procedures. You can purchase good aroma lamps and high-quality oils to create a comfortable atmosphere.


11. Choose materials and tools of good quality.

Cluster Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Beautician's Cheatsheet

Convenient and high-quality tweezers provide 80% of the quality of volumetric cluster eyelash extensions.

It is important to choose good tweezers with a flat and tight fit of two wings.

The tweezers should be light, with a soft stroke and fairly thin tips.

With cheap tweezers with rough tips, it’s hard to separate the eyelash, grab it from the tape, form a bunch, the hand gets tired of them faster – this will not allow increasing the speed and accuracy of the extension.

Remember to clean the tweezers.

A convenient way to clean the tweezers of glue is to prepare a small jar of the old remover, place the sponge tightly inside and pour an inexpensive remover there.

If glue gets on the tweezers – open the jar, immerse the tweezers in the sponge several times and the tool is ready to work again.

Choose the appropriate glue individually for the level and climatic features of the area.

What is important is hitch speed, consistency, viscosity, composition.

Of course, the glue should be fresh and stored in appropriate conditions.

Eyelashes for cluster eyelash extension – soft, without marriage, with good stickiness of the tape and size labels on the tape.

If the tape is dry – the beam will crumble.


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TOP slowdown stages

The most common slowdown stages among lash makers include:

  • Temperament, natural slowness.
  • Time to search for eyelashes.
  • Inconvenient working position and arrangement of tools.
  • The long process of beam formation.
  • Poor glue or inappropriate climatic conditions for its work.
  • Distracting moments – conversations, extraneous noise, phone, loud music or TV sound, messages.

Find your reason for slowness, analyze, and try to speed up this particular stage.

For example, if there is a problem with the formation of the beam, attend courses where a master will help you choose the technology with which you will be as simple and convenient to work with. And practice the formation of bundles at intervals, fill your hand.

Attend masterclasses for experienced cluster eyelash extensions makers, where you can find useful information and tips.



Another useful tip is to divide the entire procedure into lengths of time.

Put a watch in front of your eyes and pay attention to how much time each stage of the procedure takes.

For example, preparing eyelashes and applying patches should take no more than 10 minutes, optimally – 5 minutes.

An internal account helps a lot to speed up and reduce the build time by 30-60 minutes.

And finally, we note the stages where you can accelerate without losing quality. Analyze the time you spend on these procedures.

Where can I speed up:

  • Application of degreaser and primer.
  • Bonding patches.
  • Setting the beam.
  • Search for natural eyelashes.
  • Check for glueing and transitions.
  • Combing.


Where you can’t rush:

  • the formation of beams.

As you can see, there is always the opportunity to improve the speed of work and learn how to grow eyelashes faster.


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