Brown Is 2022’s Favorite Neutral: 5 Pieces You Need

No closet is complete without a few quality neutral pieces for multi-season or year round wear. These pieces can round out other items in trendy statement colors. Solidify a monochromatic look and serve as the foundation for an easy capsule wardrobe. Among other widely worn neutrals like beige, taupe and gray, brown stands out as the year’s most popular neutral for fashion. If a “brownfit” doesn’t sound super trendy to you, then prepare to be stylishly surprised. Here are the best brown clothing pieces to buy and how to style them with finesse. 

  • Bodysuit: Think of a brown bodysuit as your favorite black bodysuit’s partner in crime. It’s a great option for everything from casual outfits to more elevated looks. Making it a staple for any closet or travel packing list. A brown bodysuit can help slim your waistline and create a uniform look. Plus, it creates a softer look when paired with lighter colors. 


How to Style It: Keep a brown sleeveless or long sleeve bodysuit in your closet all year long and wear it either as a versatile basic or as an integral part of your next brown monochromatic look. In the summer, a light brown bodysuit pairs well with high waisted denim shorts, a leather belt and a pair of cute sandals. Don’t forget to accessorize! Before you head out the door, add a few pieces of gold jewelry. And a neutral handbag to bring everything together. 

  • Trousers: If you love menswear style, then a pair of chocolate colored trousers might just become your new favorite pants. Trousers take on the wide leg pants trend with ease and make for a reliable option when you’re in a hurry. 


How to Style It: The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for brown wide leg pants is a good fit in the waist. Many styles feature a high waist and structured pleats. Which pair well with other trendy pieces like cropped sweaters, sweater vests and more. Dive into the menswear style trend and pair your brown trousers with chunky brown boots. Or go for a more feminine look with a pair of heels and a cute wide brim hat. 


  • Classic Handbag: A great brown handbag is one of the most versatile additions to any accessories collection. A brown leather tote or larger handbag style in brown is not only timeless, but is also super functional. If you don’t already have one, consider buying a brown handbag in your favorite everyday handbag style. Some of the most popular include medium sized crossbody bags, stylish shoulder bags, top handle bags and more. 


How to Style It: A big brown leather tote or crossbody bag can be worn with almost anything, but the key is knowing how to add color and other neutral shades. For the fall and winter seasons, pair your brown leather bag. With winter whites or deep jewel tones for a polished look. During the spring and summer months, opt for a lighter shade of brown leather with cotton summer dresses and leather sandals for the perfect casual look. 

  • Cropped Shirt: If you tend to reach for cropped black shirts to pair with jeans, miniskirts and denim shorts, you should definitely try styling these looks with cute tops for women in brown as well. Different shades of brown tops offer many of the same benefits as their black counterparts. A cute brown crop top can help slim your torso and enhance your features just like your favorite black crop tops! 


How to Style It: You can create a flattering and balanced look with ease by intentionally placing lighter colors near the top of the body and darker colors on the bottom. Grab a caramel or chocolate colored crop top and pair it with dark brown or black bottoms and black shoes. The resulting look is great for maintaining even proportions and brings a bit more lightness to the hair and face. 


  • Sweater or Jacket: Let’s face it — brown outerwear has made a pretty miraculous comeback. After years of black “it coats” and bold patterned jackets, brown sweaters, leather jackets, wool coats and creamy brown trench coats have indeed taken the spotlight. Even in the summer months, breathable light brown knits can be seen draped on the shoulders of many. 


How to Style It: A distressed brown leather jacket pairs with looks ranging from jeans and a casual t-shirt to cute skirts, dresses and more. Pair your brown leather jacket with softer styles and fabrics like textured knit sweaters. Smooth cotton t-shirts and your favorite jeans. 


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