5 Ways to Effectively Work From Home

If your work was affected by the pandemic like countless others, there is a good chance you were sent home during part of the nationwide shutdown. Fortunate people could continue to do their jobs remotely via their computers. Many companies are seeing the benefits and savings of having more employees work from home. It boosts …

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Face Mask: A New Essential and A New Fashion Trend

Face masks have become an essential part of our lives. And it’s now being recognized that, in addition to being utilized as a sort of protection, they’re also becoming a way for us to express our feelings and voice our opinions on current events in our society. So, what causes this paradigm shift in masks, …

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Health and Wellness

The new life with a mask

The regulations to contain and give time for researchers to discover how the Coronavirus really acted, made the use of masks become mandatory. The use of masks became mandatory in public spaces for all people not exempt due to age or health issues if the required safety distance of two meters could not be guaranteed. …

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