How to Plan a Memorable Engagement Party

Your engagement is a momentous occasion that you will undoubtedly want to celebrate with those closest to you. However, considering how most brides have no inkling when their partner is going to propose, planning an engagement party can prove tricky. After all, you will have a minimal amount of time on your side and you will probably want to stick to a tight budget to start saving up for the wedding. With all this in mind, here are some tips to help you along.

Don’t rush 

Deciding The Venue

While most engagement parties take place within the same month of the engagement, this is not a necessity. Most party planning experts insist that it is still perfectly acceptable to throw the party up to three months after your partner has popped the question. In short, if you want to take it slow and plan every detail to perfection, you can. On the other hand, if you cannot wait to toast to your future surrounded by your friends and family, that’s fine too. Sweet and simple engagement parties can be just as memorable as the elaborate ones!

Think carefully about guests 

Remember To Have Fun

It can be tempting to invite colleagues, old school friends, and extended family to your engagement bash, but think very carefully before you do. Anyone you invite to your engagement party is probably also going to be expecting an invite to your wedding a little further down the line. So, be sure to establish whether you want an intimate ceremony with just family or whether you are going OTT before making any hasty decisions regarding your engagement party guest list

Focus on the food and drink 

Food and drinks are mandatory for any party.

What you choose to serve your guests at your party could mean the difference between transforming the event into a celebration to remember or an uninspired flop. You cannot go wrong with a delicious and diverse selection of finger foods. Also, make sure that you hire a private event bartender who is TIPS-certified and skilled in preparing a wide variety of drinks. 

Consider the venue 

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The venue that you select will depend largely on your budget. If you are keen to keep costs to a minimum, why not consider hosting a laid-back picnic at the park or a fun evening barbecue in your yard? However, if you want the venue for your engagement party to set the tone for what guests can expect from your wedding (and you have the money available to splurge), then don’t hesitate to host the party somewhere a bit more luxurious, such as at a fancy restaurant or on the beach. 

Say a few words 

Your guests are attending your engagement party in celebration of the love between you and your partner. As such, it is polite and a real crowd-pleaser to say a few words or make a toast once everyone has arrived. Thank your guests for attending and perhaps take the time to address your partner and share a few hopes for your future together. 

Congratulations on your engagement and may your party be everything you have dreamed of and more!


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