How to Modernize Your Home Without Redecorating a Whole Room


If your room is starting to look old and dated, you might think the only way to improve the situation is to rip everything out and redecorate the whole room from top to bottom. If that option is out of your price range or you just don’t have the time, here are a few tips to help you modernize your home without having to redecorate. 

Clean those floors

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When it comes to a room, you might think the walls are the most important thing. Paint them the right color, and they can make a room feel warm and bright. While the color of the walls is massively important, many people forget about their floors. In terms of surface area, they take up a huge amount of any room. They also take the most strain, as we’re constantly walking, dragging furniture, and even dropping things on them. 

The unfortunate nature of gravity means that floors often catch a lot of stains, whether that’s from food, drink, or even muddy shoes. That means they can often look dirty and old much faster than anything else in the room. To keep them looking their best, make sure you regularly give them a deep clean to remove any signs of dirt. While hoovering helps pick up crumbs and dust, if you have a carpet it’s important to wash them regularly as well. 

Companies like SteamCo. Carpet Cleaning uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to restore the problem areas in your home. Not only will they look just like new, but they can also reduce the number of allergens and bacteria that live on your carpet. 

Replace the lighting

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If your room looks dark and dingy, it’s highly likely that your lighting isn’t filling your room properly. Before you change the color of the walls or carry out any drastic building work, try adding more sources of light to your room. 

If you only have one single bulb in the middle of the ceiling, consider replacing it with light with multiple bulbs. If you want more light with a luxury style then you can also customize a unique chandelier with multiple bulbs from and also check out the wide range of crystal chandelier styles have on the website.

Prevent mold 

Another thing that can cause any room to look old and unloved is mold. It’s common to find black marks around places like a window frame or even an exterior door if you live in an older house. There are many sprays on the market that will help remove this mold within minutes. As well as removing the mold, it’s important to try and prevent it from coming back again. You can get special paints to help prevent mold from growing, but often you might need to replace your windows to reduce all chances of the problem reoccurring. 

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