How to Increase Your Creativity

Everyone is creative, but not everybody knows how to stimulate it. If you have a new hobby, a new job, or you’re simply going through a creative slump, you will want to find ways to increase your creative thinking. Whether you are a free-thinking musician or a hard-working doctor, here are the ways to get your imagination running. 


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One of the simplest ways to increase your creativity is just to read more. There is endless knowledge waiting for you in libraries, book shops, and on your online devices, so take advantage of that and read! If you’re a lover of crime fiction, then try branching out and reading a little fantasy. The more you read, and the more variety you read, the more ideas will come to you. 


Get Stuck in Crafts

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Even if you are not an arty person, doing crafts is a great way to stimulate the imagination. By focusing your brain on a creative task, you will learn new ways of solving, resulting in a more active and creative mind. Get your craft box started by using a Hobby Lobby coupon for great deals on art and crafts. 



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If you are experiencing a creative slump, then sometimes the best way to pull yourself out of it is to team up with others to create something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a song, story, or a piece of art; by collaborating, you will become inspired by others’ ideas and quickly find that you are contributing your own. 


Spend Time in Nature


Nature is the biggest giver of inspiration, so get out there and let it give you its natural gift. Pack a notebook and head off into the trees or the hills and let nature do its thing. If you still find you are stumped, then find yourself somewhere to sit, pull out your notebook, and simply write. It doesn’t matter what you write because, over time, you’ll find that your creativity is coming back to you. 


Visit a Gallery 

If you’re struggling with creativity, why not learn from the best? Visit your local art gallery and let the art pieces mentally take you away. The simple act of deciphering what the images mean is enough to get your creativity flowing, so take your time looking at each piece and figuring out what they mean to you. 


Carry a Notebook Everywhere

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One of the common mistakes creatives make is that they don’t carry notebooks with them. Inspiration isn’t simple; it does not magically appear when you’re sitting at your desk, ready to get to work. It could happen while you’re on public transport, while in a café, or when you’re at your friends, chatting about the past week. Whenever it hits you, it’s best to be prepared by carrying a notebook and jotting down anything inspiring. 


Find What You Love

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Finding your inner creativity is simple, really – find what you love. If you’re pushing yourself too hard to be creative in a certain area, then it’ll only backfire. Find what you genuinely enjoy doing, and you’ll discover that your creativity comes streaming in.

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