How To Increase The Value Of Your Home Without Making It Bigger

The bigger the house, the higher the value, right? While this is true, if you’re smart, you don’t need to plead for planning permission, dig up your backyard, and burn through your savings just to make your home bigger to increase the value. In this article, we will look at ways that you can increase the value of your home without changing the size of it. 


Look At Where You Can Make “Extra” Space


Why don’t you knock out a few drywalls to create a giant living space or get rid of that nasty downstairs toilet nobody uses anyway? Making the most of what you’ve already got is key to adding zeros to your asking price. Obviously, check with a professional before you start creating your open-planned palace, but you’ll be amazed at how much you save on the extension costs.


Make Better Use Of The Outdoors

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Now you’ve created space inside, it’s time to do the same outside. House buyers go crazy for an awesome outdoor living space, so send their minds racing when they lay eyes on yours. Why not lay a patio area or deck, perfect for barbecues with friends or big family meals? You could even plant a vegetable patch or some fresh flowers if it’s the rustic look you’re going for.  

You want buyers to instantly imagine themselves enjoying this space, so every detail counts. 

Sticking with the outdoors, make sure you’ve made clever use of space out front, too. If you have a land in front of your house, make sure the lawn is neat, and there’s enough space to park at least one car (if possible). Get a professional tree care company for your backyard maintenance.



Give Your House A Wow Factor

If you want to really give your home that wow factor, then you need to think outside the box to make your home feel bigger and more luxurious. One way you can do this is by adding glass doors to your home. However, don’t think this is just for your door to the backyard. Take a look at this blog on How to Incorporate Frameless Glass Doors into Every Room in your home, from your bedroom and living area to your bathroom and kitchen. This luxury element to your home won’t be found in every standard home and could really drive the price up. 



Have A Spring Clean


A clean house is more desirable; it’s as simple as that. Get rid of any excess clutter, whether it’s a tatty couch or a messy, disordered dressing room. You need all the space you can get, so have a garage sale or just make sure everything is neatly tucked away. Give the whole house a deep clean, and consider replacing any dated appliances or drapes. 



Clear Out Your Attic


This is a big one. If you have an attic (or a basement/garage), make sure it is at least tidy. You need to demonstrate the potential extra space your property offers, whether it’s converting the attic into a bedroom or the garage into a home gym. It’s about setting the buyer’s imagination whirring with possibilities, so the more inventive you are with the space, the better.

Extra points if you can convert these spaces yourself – it will amaze you how much an extra space like this can add to your asking price. 






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