The Do's and Don'ts of Outfit Selections in Summer

Formal Fall Fashion Trends

The leaves have gone from green to gold, there’s a delicious crispness in the air, and your social calendar is empty of pool parties, barbecues, and corn-hole competitions. 

That’s right, summer is over—it’s time for a more sophisticated season to unfold. 

From elegant autumn weddings to white tablecloth family Thanksgiving dinners, fall is full of formal occasions. If you’ve been rocking your sundress and flip flops for so long you don’t quite remember what fall formal is anymore, don’t worry. 

This guide will help immerse you back into this gorgeous season and introduce you to this year’s most stylish fashion trends.

So put away that beach cover-up and fire up your fall formal Pinterest boards! 

Epitomize Elegance with Evening Gloves

Fall 2020 formalwear loves evening gloves like Gatsby loves Daisy. An iconic 20s accessory, elbow-length evening gloves draw the attention to your arms, hands, and shoulders, which is why they’re best paired with:

  • Strappy or strapless dresses
  • Sleeveless blouses and chic black slacks
  • Under a trench coat or peacoat


Evening gloves definitely add an element of whoa to your formal outfit. But want to take your evening gloves up a notch? Check out these tips and your ensemble will go from whoa to VavaVOOM!

  • Bring on the bling – Add a tennis bracelet over your gloves for a touch of old Hollywood glamor.
  • Choose the right fabric – Opt for satin gloves instead of cotton to class up your act.
  • Mix and match hues – Don’t be afraid to play with colors! Pair brightly colored evening gloves with neutral outfits for a fashion-forward pop of color. 

Slip into Something Stunning

Slinky and sensuous, delicate and daring, slip dresses are making a statement on the world’s runway. Slip dresses are modeled after underslips you might wear under a dress. They’re meant to invoke the sexy elements of intimate wear with satin fabric, lace accents, and a tantalizing sheerness.

And just like real slips, they come in a variety of lengths, styles, and colors. The most popular slip dress boasts a scoop-neck, a mid-thigh slit, and spaghetti straps, but a floor-length slip dress is sure to drop jaws at any formal fall soiree. 

To really rock your formal slip dress, try pairing it with:

  • A supple black leather jacket
  • Super cute suede booties
  • An oversized sweater and nude pumps
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Evening gloves (they really are a perfect pairing!)

Formal Fall Fashion Tip: A slip dress’s scandalous style comes from its resemblance to intimatewear. But you might have questions about what underthings to wear under your slip dress like:

“Do I wear a slip under a slip dress?”

what’s the smalest bra size that I can wear with a slip dress?”

“Do I even wear a bra at all? What about underwear?!”

Yes, you can wear a bra (and underwear) with a slip dress, just avoid your lacy, embroidered sets. The delicate fabric of the slip will cling to the texture of lace and embroidery. 

Bringing the Bling with Chain Accents

Nope, we’re not talking about the chain dresses that took over the early 2000’s. This year it’s all about chain accents. Designers have worked this jewelry essential into a variety of formalwear pieces, including:

  • Strappy pumps
  • Chains sewed into the neckline of a dress
  • Chains as dress straps
  • Chains strewed over formal outerwear

So if you want to unleash your inner fashionista at your next fall festivity, look for formal wear with a little built-in bling!

Formal Fall Fashion Tip: If you’re bringing the bling with chain accents in your formalwear, go light on the jewelry. Stick with simple studs or bracelets so your look isn’t overly cluttered with shine.

Becoming a Caped Crusader of Fashion Formalwear

What’s that on the runway? Is it a coat? Is it a chic blanket? No! It’s a super fashionable cape! This trend borrows the sophistication of the early 20th century. The silhouette of a cape immediately creates drama in any formal ensemble.

Capes especially pair well with:

  • Floor-length dresses
  • Slip dresses (those things are so versatile!)
  • A statement top with sleek black pants
  • Cocktail dresses and over-the-knee boots

Formal Fall Fashion Tip: You can easily revamp any of your 2019 fall formal pieces by adding a cape or cape coat to your outfit. The cape will become the focal point of your ensemble and the talking point of any fall gathering!

Fall in Love with Fall Formalwear

This year’s formal trends bring back vintage classics and offer fresh new fashion finds. Give them a try and you might find yourself falling in love!

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