Baby Safety Tips – Eight Stroller Safety Tips for Parents and Bad Habits to Avoid

Parenting is an exciting yet challenging journey, especially for new parents. Handling a newborn and fulfilling their other commitments can sometimes be tough for the parents. But, thanks to a variety of baby items and gears that make parents’ lives easier and comfortable with a newborn.

There are numerous baby gears available in the market which help the parents to keep their hands free and at the same time their babies close to them. For instance, there are some of the best high chairs with footrests, infant car seats, baby slings, and carriers, and how can we forget the most important one? Yes, the baby stroller. 

Baby stroller is as important for the parents as their cars. This little ride of the baby becomes of immense importance especially if the parents are frequently on the move and have errands with the baby.

Strollers make it very easy for the parents to take their babies with them wherever they go without having to hold them. The tiny munchkins can be made to sit comfortably in the stroller to keep them close to their parents and allow them to enjoy their surroundings.

If you are also a smart parent who makes the optimum use of the baby gadgets to make your life relaxed and easy with an infant, then make sure you are aware of the baby safety tips to keep your little ones comfortable and secured.

According to from 1990 to 2010, approximately 361,000 children were treated for injuries resulting due to the strollers. Even though the stroller has many benefits, failure to use it incorrectly can be fatal for your little bundle of joy.

We have made a list of stroller safety tips for babies to keep them safe and relaxed during their strolls and the bad habits to avoid that might cause an accident. Keep reading to ensure that you are using the stroller properly.

Stroller Safety Tips For Babies

  • Choose the Right Stroller

Shopping for a baby means to be extra vigilant. Parents not only select something because of its appearance, color, style, or size, etc. but also consider the safety point of view for their child. 

Buying a stroller should not be an impulsive purchase. A baby is made to sit in the stroller. It carries and balances the entire weight of the baby. Therefore, parents have to make sure that they invest in a stroller that is exactly according to the needs of their babies.

If you are planning to buy a stroller for your baby then check for the following features:

  • Wide Base

Strollers with wide bases are sturdy and stable. The strollers with a wide base prevent the strollers from tipping over.

  • Footrest

Just as the best high chair with a footrest allows the baby to rest their feet while they are eating. Similarly, the strollers with footrest prevent the dangling of feet when the baby is sitting in the stroller. Footrest not only improves the posture of the baby but also minimizes the risk of varicose veins in babies.

  • Storage Basket

Babies are unpredictable. No one can decipher what they might need the next minute. For this purpose, the parents are always prepared to meet their baby’s needs. Having a storage basket in a stroller makes it easier for the parents to keep a diaper bag, a few toys, snacks, etc. for the baby.

  • Verify the Weight Limit

Strollers have a weight limit and not an age limit. When you are buying the stroller for your baby, make sure that you use the one which is according to the weight of your child. If you use a stroller that is unable to carry the weight of your child, then it might tip over and cause severe injuries to your baby.

Remember, a stroller doesn’t grow with your child. When your child is growing up and gaining weight his old stroller might not be able to hold his weight and make the buggy unsteady. 

  • Position the Baby to Face the Parents

One of the most common mistakes that the parents make, even the experienced ones too, is to make the baby sit in a face-forward position.

Newborns need time to adjust to their new environment. The only place they had known before arriving in this world was their mothers’ womb. The world is a strange place for them and they feel unprotected and unsafe.

Having their caregivers around helps them to relax and feel safe in their new environment. When the baby is made to sit in a face-forward position in the stroller, he is unable to face his parents and observes the surroundings which are foreign to him. This makes the baby cranky

Make sure that your baby faces you while he is in the stroller. It makes them comfortable and they enjoy their stroll.

  • Check Your Baby Periodically

These tiny ones are always looking for an opportunity to pull a trick and surprise their parents. Strapping a safety belt does make the baby safe and secured but, you can never trust anything blindly when it comes to the baby, can you?

Keep on checking your baby to make sure that he hasn’t figured out a way to set himself free from the strap and slip away.

  • Wheel Brakes

Whenever you stop strolling, make sure to apply the wheel brakes even if you are on a flat surface. Applying wheel brakes ensure that the wheels don’t move when your baby is inside the stroller.

Wheel brakes are an important feature and designed specifically to avoid your baby to go on a stroll without you.

  • Fold and Unfold the Stroller Carefully

When you are folding the stroller take extra precaution that your little ones are not around. These tiny munchkins love to explore and insert their tiny fingers in holes and hinges.

Also, when you unfold the stroller, before placing it in the baby ensure that is properly unfolded. Shake it to verify that it is sturdy and won’t collapse when the baby is inside.

  • Shorter Length Toy Fasteners

Fastening the toys makes it attractive for the baby to stay in the stroller for long without getting cranky. Use a short length fastener to fasten the toys. It avoids the toys to touch the baby’s face allowing him to play while he is on the go.

  • Check for Repair and Maintenance

Just the cars and bikes need maintenance, similarly, the baby’s ride needs to be repaired to ensure that it works smoothly. Check the stroller safety measures such as straps, wheels, brakes, frames, etc. to ensure that nothing is faulty or unsafe for your baby.


Bad Habits to Avoid

  • Handing Over the Stroller to Kids

Elder siblings are excited to handle their baby sibling’s stroller. Parents should be cautious when it comes to babies.  Always handle the stroller by yourself and even if you do let your older kids handle the strollers then always stay around and vigilant. Never leave your baby alone with his siblings while he is in the stroller.

  • Keeping the Stroller in Sunlight

Keeping the Stroller for prolonged hours in the sun can increase the temperature of its metal frame and the other plastic pieces inside the stroller. It can burn the sensitive skin of the baby.

  • Overloading the Storage Basket

A storage basket should be used to keep baby items that you might need during a stroll. Overloading it with a handbag, cellphones, and other unnecessary stuff might cause it to tip over.

  • Discarding the Manual

Many parents think that there is no need to read the instructions or manual that comes along with the stroller and they toss it in the bin at once. Reading the manual is always a good idea to know how to unfold, handle, and clean the stroller.

Pulling the Plug 


Without a speck of doubt, strollers are useful baby gear that not only the babies enjoy but it also gives parents the confidence that their babies are safe while they are outside.

A stroller should always be handled by a responsible adult and not handed over to any child. Furthermore, ensure that you regularly check the stroller for loose or defective parts as it can cause accidents and harm your tiny babies.

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