A Personalized Gift for Birthdays or Other Special Days – Blazer Jacket Buttons That Have Monograms


The history of buttons is as old and interesting as the history of mankind’s clothing. Buttons were found during excavations in China and Ancient Rome and were believed to date as far back as the era of the Bronze Age.

The history of buttons used on clothing during the first millennium was deemed as a significant, productive, and notable technological advancement back then. Even though they are often forgotten and neglected, buttons rose to popularity in the next years across different cultures all over the world.

Back in ancient times, buttons were mainly used as decorative pieces on clothes of noble and wealthy men. Buttons gained their cult status when the 18th and 19th centuries came. It was after the end of World War II that the significant functional value of buttons was finally acknowledged and they were primarily used for fastening shirts and jackets.

A big chunk of buttons right now are used mainly on jackets, blazers, pants, dress shirts, casual button-down shirts, shirt dresses, and more.

If you are looking for a personalized gift for birthdays or other special days, the blazer jacket buttons that have monograms are your best choice and you can find them at https://www.zippershipper.com/engraved-monogrammed-metal-blazer-buttons-set.

To give you a good idea, below are some common button types and the role they play in making garments look better.

Interchangeable Buttons

Interchangeable buttons are the result of the continuous developments in manufacturing precision and technology. These are the perfect accessories for blazers that allow wearers to showcase their own unique style.

With these buttons, you can easily change the style of the button to make it suitable for any occasion in just a few seconds with no need for you to sew anything. This no-sew system gives you the chance to attach permanent high-grade polymer fasteners and combine them with interchangeable face designs of the button you chose. Interchangeable buttons come in different materials and finish to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Metal Buttons

Metal buttons differ when it comes to the specific materials used ranging from steel, silver, zinc, alloy, gold, and brass with processes that usually involve heat stamping, molding, die casting, and machining. What makes metal buttons great is that there is no need for you to worry about deterioration as a result of washing because these are the strongest and most durable buttons you can find.

Depending on their specific application and finishing, metal buttons boast of classical designs with modern aesthetics complete with polishes or patinated finishes.

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Mother of Pearl buttons is the top choice of high-quality blazer manufacturers to cater to those who want a more traditional look. These are buttons made with the use of the oyster’s inner layer of nacre. These are popular buttons thanks to their eye-catching iridescent color.

Plastic Buttons

Finally, plastic buttons are crafted from different polymers that can mimic various types of button materials with different qualities. The majority of polymer buttons you can find today are made of acrylic resin, polyester, or nylon.


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