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5 Balloon Designs Ideas to Spruce Up Your Shindig 

When we think of any celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, one element that will always be present is a balloon. A festive occasion calls for a joyful mood, so balloons are definitely in order. Since we were all young ones, we’ve been fascinated with flying balloons. Hence, even as adults, we can’t help but feel giddy when seeing one as it brings back loads of happy memories. 


Thankfully, we are now spoiled for choice regarding balloon colours, shapes, designs, finishes, etc. If you’re looking for more fun ways to decorate with balloons other than putting it on a stick, letting it fly from a string, or taping it on the wall, then you’ve come to the right place. We have five fab unique balloon ideas to help spruce up your next shindig. Check ‘em out! 


  • Create a Balloon Garland


This is an easy decoration you can do on your own, that looks super lovely. All you need is a thin thread to start. Measure your room and allow some extra length for a lovely drape. From there, you can stick along inflated balloons from one end to the other. You can use a variety of colours with confetti strings for added effect. This will certainly give your room a visual boost and be an easy centrepiece as the colours will draw the eyes. For added attraction make several garlands and loop them all over your venue. 


  • Craft a Pretty Balloon Arch

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Nothing says WOW like a balloon arch on your entry foyer. You can string the inflated balloons to create the shape of an arch. This is perfect for decorating your party venue’s entrance as it makes the guests feel excited for what lies ahead. For an added effect, spotlights will create an even better ambience. Of course, don’t forget to match the balloons’ colours to your party’s theme for consistency.


  • Fill Up Balloons With Sweet Treats


If you have kids as party guests, nothing will look fascinating than lots of balloons filled with sweet treats. Make sure to order extra large and clear balloons, so you can fill it up with treats before inflating it. Once inflated, you can use it to decorate the area. When the party’s over, you can send a balloon home for each guest. Another great idea is that you can have a balloon popping game. Pop it with a sharp pencil so the candies will fall out and the kids can eat it at the party. 


  • Make an Attractive Balloon Wall


A balloon wall certainly makes for an interesting backdrop. If you want to impress your guests, make a balloon wall an interesting focal point of your party. You can use the shades that match your theme. This is easy to do since you just need to inflate the balloons and stick them to the wall using double-sided tape. This can serve as decoration or double up as a photo wall for all your party guests. 


  • Use Balloons as Souvenirs


Finally, you can have helium balloons as a party favour. Then you can use it as the centrepiece of your tables. You can also keep the tokens in a corner if you wish. This display will certainly keep all your guests curious. With this, you have hit two birds in one. You’ve got decorations and party favours in one go. Your guests will surely come home with a smile and loads of happy memories of your party. 


Be sure to buy good quality and colourful balloons for your celebrations, and you don’t have to worry about buying them. In case you want to buy colourful balloons, Party Land online, and many other online and offline stores are selling them. Buy them and decorate your event for the sweet memories lasting a lifetime. 


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